2017 Rudy’s Diesel Season Opener

THE RACING SEASON HAS FINALLY BEGAN! After what seemed to be forever since the last race season, we at XDP are back out on the road and to kick off the 2017 racing season we headed to the first event of the year, the 2017 Rudy’s Diesel Season Opener.

The 2017 Rudy’s Diesel Season Opener is the first event to kick off the Outlaw Diesel Super Series (ODSS) in which high horsepower trucks put it all on the line and battle it out for the win. Every year this event continues to get better and this year was no exception. The event was located in Julian, NC at the Piedmont dragway, in the heart of North Carolina.

The two action-packed days were filled with drag racing, sled pulling, dyno competition, truck show-n-shine, and multiple vendors showing off the hottest new products available. Both days provided excellent weather for the racers and the crowds packed into the stands to cheer them on.

The event kicked off on Friday morning with drag racing test-n-tune and host of venders set up to showcase the latest and greatest parts in the high-performance diesel industry. As Friday wound down, the sled pulling track was groomed and ready to be torn up by high horsepower trucks looking for that full pull!

Drag racing began on Saturday around 10:00 AM and included the following classes: E.T., 7.70, 6.70, Pro Street, Pro Mod and Pro Dragster. As the racing was wrapping up around 5:00 PM, everyone traveled back over to the sled pulling track for another action-packed night of pulling. The grandstands were packed elbow to elbow all night with eager and excited fans. The sled pulling classes included: 2.6, 3.0 and Superstock Diesel.

Overall, we at XDP had a great time at the event and look forward to returning at the end of the year for the season closer and show our support. We would like to thank everyone over at Rudy’s Diesel for hosting such a great event, we had a blast!

ODSS Race Results: https://www.outlawdieselss.com/

Look for XDP at our next event: https://www.xtremediesel.com/events.aspx

NHRDA Desert Diesel Nationals


On March 24th and 25, XDP headed to Chandler Arizona for the beginning of the NHRDA racing season. This event took place at Wild Horse Motorsports Park in Chandler.  It was a 2 day event with sled pulls taking place Friday night, and drag racing taking place on Saturday. We were blessed with 2 beautiful, warm, sunny Arizona days. The sled pulls on Friday started at 6 pm and ran until about 9pm. The stands were packed and our XDP tent was full of spectators trying to get a glimpse of the action. Saturdays event started at 10am and ran until about 5 pm. The infamous Phoenix wind picked up around 3pm, but did not affect any of the racing. We look forward to coming back to Arizona again for more diesel action.

Xtreme Diesel’s Wild Ride In El Paso

“Don’t lift! When your foot is to the floor, you’re way more likely to correct it” said XDP’s Dave Radzierez, as he described in detail what it was like during the wild ride he had on Saturday night during his Monster Jam Freestyle run in El Paso, Texas.

The Crew arrived in Texas ready to put on a show and they did not disappoint. Down in El Paso, Monster Jam set the stage for an action packed weekend at the UTEP Sun Bowl , an outdoor stadium that looks like it’s carved into the side of a cliff.

Starting off the day like the rest of the events on this tour, Team XDP had the pleasure of being on display during the sold out Pit Party. The Pit Party is the Meet & Greet portion of the event where all the fans get to see the trucks up-close, talk to the drivers, get autographs and more. It’s always a great time for the crew.

Once the sun went down, the main event started and the Monster Jam lineup roared into the stadium. From there, racing began and while not qualifying in the first round, XDP took to the Wheelie Competition with a tie for first place! Dave had the truck almost standing upright, always an impressive thing to see.

Coming out of the wheelie competition with some good momentum, Dave hit the course for Freestyle. After getting a few good jumps in, Dave hit a table top with a little less speed than he wanted due to some tire spin. He hit the jump anyway and instead of clearing it, the back tires came up just a little short. This caused a nosedive that made the truck land sideways. With the truck up on the front end, Dave put his foot to the floor to try and correct it! Bouncing off the front end, the truck went into a sideways barrel-roll making almost two full rotations! The sold out stadium went absolutely wild, and this was sure to be a highlight of the weekend.

(Thanks to YouTuber Manuel Tinevra for the footage)

After track officials dragged the truck off the track, the team went to work getting it fixed so we could be back up and running for the Sunday show, a task easier said than done. Our crew, and several others worked through the night and all through Sunday morning to pull it off. At about 1:45PM, 15 minutes before show time the truck went through the final tech and we were clear to run. While we were missing half the body panels, Monster Jam played the highlight reel crash over on the big screen so the fans the following day could see just how the truck got that way.

Relieved to be up and running, Dave joined the rest of the line up and hit the course to put on a show for all the fans in attendance on Sunday. All-in-all, we had a great weekend in El Paso. It’s time for us to hit the road, so we can get back to wrenchin’ before the next event!

(Event Highlights courtesy of Monster Jam Live)

Mud Boggin’ in San Diego


It was a wet and muddy weekend for Team XDP in San Diego. Pulling out of Minneapolis last weekend, the crew thought they would be headed west to enjoy the beautiful weather of Southern California. That was far from reality, as they pulled into some of the worst rain San Diego has seen in quite some time!

With the usual kick-off Pit Party in the early afternoon, the fans, trucks and grounds were drenched from the on-and-off rains! That didn’t stop the action from happening, though. Dave and the crew got to meet with the fans, show off the truck and sign some autographs.

xdp_gravedigger-line-up-to-second-race-2Since most of this stadium tour has been indoors, the weather hasn’t been much of a concern. But with nasty rain storms rolling through, it made for some messy conditions during the main event. Starting off with qualifying, “Xtreme Diesel” won the first round of racing, but got knocked out in the second round by Grave Digger. With so much mud flying out behind these trucks, it looked like a mud bog!

Right at the end of racing, a clump of mud with a rock in it kicked up and landed between the injector hat (a scoop-like throttle body that sits on top of the blower) and the throttle linkage. Dave went to hit the accelerator after noticing he had no throttle, and it pulled the cable right out of the linkage.

The only time they had to work on the truck was during the 9 minute intermission. Which is normally closer to a half hour, but was cut short due to earlier delays with the rain.  So with the clock ticking, our Crew Chief Michelle, had to run 4 blocks to get the throttle cable, and swap it out during the 9 minute intermission. They got the cable swapped, but putting it all back together just wasn’t in the cards. Even working on the truck at what felt like the speed of light, the air cleaner wasn’t back on when the crews were called off the field. Because we couldn’t run in the mud and rain without it, we were unfortunately sidelined during the freestyle portion of the event.

After the first muddy event of the tour, crews began cleaning the trucks. Enough to make any show truck owner cringe, they removed as much as 700lbs worth of mud from each truck! Team XDP reported about 6 hours of cleaning/power washing just to be able to get the body bolts out for a detailed cleaning. They’ve got almost a week till the next event so they’ll be hard at work getting the truck ready.

Even with the terrible weather, throttle linkage issues, and required deep cleaning, Team XDP was glad to be in San Diego, and had a great time at Monster Jam!

Look for Team XDP next weekend at Angels Stadium in Anaheim, California!
Official Event Details: Anaheim

Monster Mayhem in Minneapolis!



“Follow your dream and do whatever it takes to make it happen!”

An inspiring quote from XDP’s Dave Radzierez during his opening interview at Monster Jam in US Bank Stadium in Minneapolis, Minnesota.

As the crew pulled out of Tampa last weekend, they not only had to fix the trailer axle that caused a fire the week before, they also had to get the truck race ready after Dave rolled during Freestyle, in Tampa. Heading another 1000 miles north, the crew got the trailer fixed and then made their way straight to Minnesota.

Once the team rolled into town, they got right to work fixing some carnage and getting “Xtreme Diesel” show ready for Saturday’s event. We also can’t forget the added help of Team XDP’s Anthony Reams. While Anthony normally keeps busy on the Drag Truck, he took the trip to Minneapolis to see the show, and help out anywhere he was needed.

Fast forward to show time on Saturday night, everything was going well until Dave felt an axle break during the wheelie competition. Leaving him with just front wheel drive, not a good thing when you’re trying to lift the front wheels off the ground. Instantly our Crew Chief Michelle knew what the issue was and got straight to work. The crew had to leave the stadium, go 4 blocks, and get a 200lb center section!

Once there was a pause in the action, Dave was able to get off the field and go down in the tunnel where he began tearing the truck apart, waiting for the rest of the crew to come back so they could swap out the broken parts. A 3-hour job that needed to be done in 45 minutes before the Freestyle competition!

With just minutes to spare the crew was able to get the parts from the trailer, get back to the stadium, fix the carnage and get the truck back together. Minutes later, we were called to Freestyle with a grand entrance coming in full throttle out of the tunnel! Just minutes ago that truck was broken, and now Dave’s out blasting sky-high to please the crowd!


All in all, Team XDP was able turn around what would have been a very rough weekend by doing whatever they needed to do, to make it happen!

A special thank you goes out to Candice Jolly (Monster Mutt Dalmation), for rallying up the spare Monster Jam crew members mid-event to help us get back up and running, and of course our Crew Chief Michelle Simpson, who’s quick thinking got us out of a bind, and back into the action!

Team XDP will be back at it this weekend (2/18/17) at Petco Park, in San Diego, California!

Official Event Info: San Diego Monster Jam  

XDP’s “Xtreme Diesel” Gets Wild In Tampa!

Team XDP Racing is back on the road again after a great weekend in Tampa, Florida. Our largest event to date, this Monster Jam show pulled in a massive crowd that quickly filled Raymond James Stadium, (home of the Tampa Bay Buccaneers).

Pulling out of Detroit last week, the Crew ran into a few problems with the trailer, leaving them on the side of the road. In other words, it was a mess! A failed brake component 16426097_1561473333880007_2006271255225239683_ncaused the brakes to overheat, melting the oil seal out of the hub, which caused a leak and the wheel bearing to seize, ultimately ENDING IN  A FIRE!

After the fire department came and put out the fire, the crew knew they only had one option, fix it and keep on truckin’! The crew got the trailer road-worthy again, and headed to Tampa for what ended up being the biggest show of the season so far.

Fast forward to Friday during the qualifying rounds and practice, XDP’s Dave Radzierez put down a 21.346 second qualifying run, earning us a spot in the racing portion of the main event on Saturday night. Twenty-one seconds to get those enormous tires and truck around that entire stadium race course!? That’s fast!

“The truck sounds great, runs great and everything is working well. I’m really enjoying my seat time in this new truck on the Monster Jam Tour.” – Dave Radzierez

That Saturday afternoon the Monster Jam Pit Party kicked off mid-afternoon. Always one of our favorite parts of the event, Team XDP gets to hang out with our fans, sign autographs and show off the truck up-close. Onto the main event! The stadium was packed, and up first was racing. XDP’s “Xtreme Diesel” won the first round. In the second round,  Dragon edged us out and took the win, knocking us out of racing.

The freestyle competition is always a fan favorite, and Dave knows it. Coming out hot, Dave had a great run blasting off some huge air, and getting plenty of noise out of the crowd. About halfway through, as Dave puts it he got a little “greedy” on the wheelies and stood the truck up just a tad too far to bringing it down on its side. The crowd went wild so even with an early finish Dave was happy to put on a show.

“That was the first rollover on the new “Xtreme Diesel” truck, but don’t worry there’s most likely many more on the way. Although I don’t try to go out there and roll it on purpose, you never know where that fine line is if you don’t cross it! – Dave Radzierez

That wraps it up for Tampa, Team XDP will be in Minneapolis, Minnesota this coming Saturday (2/11).

Official Monster Jam Event Details: Minneapolis

XDP’s “Xtreme Diesel” Wins Wheelies In Detroit


“It’s the fans, the emails, the Facebook, it’s all that stuff that keeps me going, keeps me working hard” said Dave Radzierez, during his intro interview on Saturday night while overlooking Ford Field at the first scheduled Monster Jam event in Detroit. One of the many stops this winter on the busy Monster Jam Stadium Tour.

On Saturday afternoon at Ford Field, the ground floor of the stadium quickly filled after the kick-off of the “Pit Party” where the competing trucks were put on display, and the fans got to come in and see them up-close while personally interacting with the drivers and crew.

Once show time rolled around, the stadium was filled and Dave went to work doing what he does best! Dave had a blast performing for the crowd and even with a minor power steering issue that kept us out of freestyle, Dave was able to take the win in the Wheelie Competition!

Overall, Team XDP had a great weekend in Detroit! Team XDP is all packed up and headed south to Florida. Look for us this coming weekend in Tampa!

Official Tampa Event Details: