Team XDP wins NHRDA BD Diesels on the Mountain at Bandimere!!!


Team XDP’s work in the off-season yielded big results three weeks ago in Tulsa.  Anthony Ream’s first pass in Tulsa saw him eclipse the current Super Street ET and MPH record with a 9.14 second pass at 153.89 MPH.  Only hurtle was backing it up to make things official, and with track officials making clear a parachute was needed on the truck, along with some other challenges in later rounds, the team didn’t make the record official.  They made it to finals, however, coming up just short of the win in Tulsa.

But Team XDP knew they were closing in on a possible win and potential new World Record heading into the next NHRDA race at Bandimere Speedway.  Before heading to Colorado the team equipped the XDP drag truck with the required parachute to slow the 1995 Dodge down after their passes, loaded up, and headed west to Denver with hopes of a victory in the mountains.

Before the race in Denver we asked Team XDP driver Anthony Reams if he was surprised by the Tulsa pass and the fast progress after the big off season changes.

“Well we knew the truck had the power in it. But with so many changes you just don’t know how long it may take to dial it in to prove that we had it. So to come out first pass and do what we did was very exciting for all of us.”

Anthony, Tulsa Raceway is situated at 619 feet, but Bandimere sits at an elevation of 5,800 feet.  The Denver track is notoriously challenging on engine setups for racers given its elevation.  With the truck’s new engine setup still being very new to you, what setup challenges did you and Team XDP face going into Bandimere?

“The altitude was the big question leading up to things. Ben Shadday and I went back and forth numerous times trying to put our heads together on a set up. We came to the conclusion to change nothing at all. We felt we had a set up that was proven to be fast and we knew we had more in it. So we decided to leave everything alone. Which was a good decision. We didn’t find the altitude to give us any spooling issues at all at the line. We didn’t add any nitrous to assist or anything. Stuck with a plan that had worked a couple weeks before and continued our focus on the suspension set up.”

Team XDP seemed to relish the challenge of the mountains.  Their first pass Saturday was a tire spinning mess off the line, the truck’s front tires fighting to find traction as the Dodge violently darted left and right leaving the line.  But the pass was good enough to move them onto the next round where Anthony found enough traction to flash their record beating speed again with a pass of 9.22 and 153 MPH.  After that pass the team knew the mile high thin air might not present much of a challenge to them, and while a record would be nice, the team had come to Denver focused on securing an NHRDA win along with the $5,000 check that would go to the winner.

Anthony walk us through how the team managed the race Saturday and ultimately made it into the finals.

“It wasn’t easy.  We worked like crazy from start to finish. We had a lot of little nagging issues throughout the day. We stayed focus in between qualifiers and rounds to get what we needed done to get to the lanes for our next call. Then when it came time to race. We stuck to keeping things simple and going A to B each time. We know we have power, we know we can go fast. But the key is to be able to do it consistently. And many times that calls for staying calm and not trying to set the world on fire. We had a national record in our hands and we wanted it BAD! But we also had a big goal to come to Denver and leave Kings of the Mountain. And that’s what we did. We settled in and just ran our race. No big boost launches, no eye popping et or mph numbers. Just nice and smooth but fast enough to win the race.”

The finals saw Anthony line up against Phillip Franklin and while both trucks again struggled with traction off the line, Anthony was able to stay in the throttle and power the Team XDP drag truck to victory with a pass of 9.39 at 149.98 MPH.  Congratulations to Anthony Reams and the XDP Race Team on the victory, securing the big check in Denver, and keeping race fans on the edge of their seat as they continue to flirt with setting a new super street World Record.

The teams win elevates them in points as they prepare for what could be called a home coming for Anthony in Madison IL near St. Louis.  Be sure to follow all the news about Team XDP and our progress this season at and we invite everyone to the next round of NHRDA to see Anthony and The XDP Race Team in action July 9th for the NHRDA Midwest Truckin Nationals at Gateway Motorsports Park in Madison, IL.

XDP 2012 Open House

Sunday, September 19th marked the 3rd annual XDP Open House. As an event that grows bigger each year, 2012 was no different! We had record attendance, excellent weather and a lot of support from industry manufacturers. On-site this year was AFE Power, BD-Power, Edge Products, MBRP, Borgeson, ATS, Duramax Tuner, Banks Power, FASS, DTech, MHT, Magnaflow, Silverline and even Diesel Power Magazine!

Like last year, the dyno was a main focal point drawing a lot of attention to the back of the building. Not to be outdone, The XDP Race Team was also present with the XDP Pulling Truck & Diesel Monster Truck on display for all to see. The final show vehicle to the lineup was the XDP Sponsored Diesel Rat Rod. New for 2012 the custom built Rat Rod bought a different kind of show truck to the event, one without a fresh coat of wax, a truck that looked good while showing off its faded paint, imperfections & rust!

As always, the Show N’ Shine was completely sold out. The trucks this year looked better than ever! A super clean triple turbo Duramax won the GM Class while a Super Duty built for SEMA took the win for the Fords. For the first time ever, we had a tie in the Dodge category; both owners were awarded the win.

As this event grows every year, it’s important we thank everyone that makes it possible. Thanks to our loyal customers for their continued support, without them we wouldn’t be here. We also would like to thank the manufacturers that came from all over the country to support XDP. Last but not least, thanks to the XDP Employees & Crew for their dedication during this busy weekend!

We look forward to seeing everyone next year! Check back on the XDP Facebook & our diesel newsletter for the official date announcement of the 2013 XDP Open House.

XDP expands operations with new west coast distribution center

June 14, 2012, Las Vegas NV – Xtreme Diesel Performance, LLC. (XDP) a leading retailer and distributor of quality aftermarket performance products has opened a new distribution center in the heart of Las Vegas, Nevada. With distribution centers in both New Jersey and Nevada, XDP continues to focus on increased inventory and faster shipping times.  The Crafts and Stewarts, partners of XDP, are very excited about their new west coast distribution center.

“As a result of listening to customer feedback, we have increased our focus on servicing the west coast in a more timely manner. Las Vegas, therefore, was necessary to continue our growth. We will focus on not only substantially increasing inventory levels of our current product offering but also expansion of our line card. We look forward to providing our customers with another distribution point to continue providing the level of service they have come to expect from XDP.”

Founded in 2003, XDP has grown to become North Americas largest retailer and distributor of diesel performance products. Beginning in 2007, XDP expanded its product offering to include Jeep and light duty truck.  XDP carries an extensive inventory of products designed to help enthusiasts meet whatever their performance needs may be. Because of their unique business model and philosophy within the industry, XDP customers can count on them from the sale through the installation to provide award-winning customer service and unparalleled technical support.

The new location will be managed by Sean Stewart who previously served as the east coast distribution center supervisor. XDP’s continued commitment to technology combined with its experienced Nevada based staff has enabled shipping operations to begin effective June 11th.  In addition to the new Las Vegas distribution center XDP has its corporate headquarters, flagship store, and east coast distribution center in Wall Township, New Jersey.

Diesel Performance Basics

Diesel performance is not just for those looking to take their truck to the track for the best quarter mile time. Most of our customers are looking for more power for towing and hauling, or just to have it when they need it for everyday driving.

The big misconception is that performance products will kill your fuel mileage, void your warranty and cost big money. This couldn’t be less true!  In most cases you do not loose millage, but actually increase it: depending on your driving habits of course. Today’s performance modules leave no ghost so if you take the unit out and bring the vehicle back to the dealership, your warranty will not be void because they will never know it was there. Your exhaust, intake and gauges will most likely not void any warranties. There are performance options for every budget, so if your looking to spend a few hundred-or a few thousand-we have something for you at

The Key to getting more power out of your truck


Monitoring your diesel engines vitals is one of the most important things you can do.The more information you have the better you will know how to safely run your diesel with more power.

Air Intake Systems

The basics of making power are simple. It begins with airflow, high-flow conical air filters are the first step to increased airflow to the engine. Steel heat shields or molded plastic air boxes keep hot air out and fresh, cold air flowing to the filter. Velocity stacks and precision-designed intake tubes provide smooth, uninterrupted airflow to the turbo.

2011 Ford 6.7L Powerstroke

High-Flow Exhaust

More air in needs more air out. By installing a high-flow exhaust system you will see an increase in horsepower and torque. Fuel mileage gains may be noticed as well as a decrease in exhaust gas temperatures (EGTs). By lowering EGTs you will increase your turbo longevity.

Performance modules/programmers

Getting huge power and better fuel economy couldn’t be easier. Electronic performance products fall into 3 main categories, Modules, Tuners and Chips. All three types electronically modify factors such timing, injector pulse rates, fuel delivery and more. Selecting the right unit for you depends on your intended purpose for the vehicle. Speak with one of our performance specialists today for the product the best suits your needs.