2015 NADM East Coast Diesel Nationals Numidia, PA

numidia_3  This past weekend we at XDP had the opportunity to spend some time with the great folks from Catawissa PA, while attending the NADM East Coast Diesel Nationals at Numidia Dragway. The weekend started off rough with a significant amount of downpour-style rain however, early Saturday morning track officials and technicians were out in full force ensuring that the track was prepped and ready for the racing that would take place by noon. With that downpour brought some hot and humid conditions which made for a great day of racing with plenty of sun and temps into the 90’s.


The event was sure to please the crowds with the chance to see some hardcore drag racing, sled pulls, dyno runs, and tractor pulls! There was something for everyone at Numidia Dragway on July 18th 2015 for the East Coast Diesel Nationals! For all who attended, vendor row brought the opportunity to meet and talk with vendors like XDP, Industrial Injection, ARP, South Bend Cutch, Fuelab, Mahle, and Clevite just to name a few! With us again was Frank Mohr and the XDP Rat Rod along with our XDP 3rd Gen Dodge 2500 6.7L Cummins.


Again, thanks to all who attended and stopped by the XDP booth to show your support, and we look forward to seeing all of you in Mohnton, PA this-coming weekend for the Keystone Diesel Truck Nationals @ Maple Grove Raceway!


Drag Racing
1st – Cody Spenser
2nd – Jeremiah Soga

Quick Diesel (12.0 Index)
1st Susan Stump
2nd – Brantley Rige

1st – Bruce Block
2nd – Phil Pierce

Sled Pulling 2.6
1st – John Manns
2nd – Jeremy Urey
3rd – Jake Slinguff
4th – Scott Whiles
5th – Corrie Baker
6th – Mike Lepley
7th – Clint Mills
8th – Matthew Horst

Sled Pulling 2.5
1st – James Elgan
2nd – Caleb Herman
3rd – Nick Stillwagon
4th – Denny Brechbill
5th – Dale Blubolker

Turbo Mod tractor
1st – Vern Zerby
2nd – Curt Forrester
3rd – Scott Kiskadden
4th – Yankee Mellot
5th – Vern Zerby
6th – V Zerby
7th – Rick Hauck
8th – John Forrester

Mother’s Show-N-Shine
Best of Show – Doug Brarens
Best Dodge – Alan Yoder
Best Duramax – Yvohne Strube
Best Ford – Mike Seeley

28th Annual 4-Wheel Jamboree Nationals Bloomsburg, Pennsylvania


Who doesn’t love a good Jamboree!? WE SURE DO! July is always marked as an exciting and busy month for the XDP crew. In true XDP fashion, we made our presence well-known and for all to experience at the 28th Annual 4-Wheel Jamboree Nationals in Bloomsburg Pennsylvania. With us again this year was the fan-favorite Dave Radzierez piloting the XDP Diesel Powered Monster Truck, as well as the XDP Diesel Rat Rod with builder Frank Mohr! Both of which are always a sight to see! The weekend-long event gives everyone in the North-East a chance to get in on the excitement, bringing action-packed events every single day and over three-thousand custom vehicles to see.


Once again the weather was great and provided ample opportunity for everyone to make the best possible attempt at achieving 4-Wheel Jamboree greatness. With events ranging from the Mud-Bog challenge to the Miss 4-wheel Jamboree Nationals contest and everything in-between, everyone was sure to have a great time attending. The weekend was packed with energy and excitement stemming from the Mud-Bog Challenge, Mickey Thompson Tough Trucks Challenge, NMRO Championship Mud Drag Racing, Dick Cepek Show-N-Shine competition, and the General Tire Monster Truck Thunder Drags & Freestyle Competition.


If you were there, you know how much of that energy and excitement was brought on by the XDP Monster Truck on Saturday! Driver Dave Radzierez managed to run the truck so hard he broke the right-rear spindle and hub not only once, but twice in one day! It was incredibly exciting to watch and should you have been lucky enough to stop by the XDP booth after the morning race, you were able to see first-hand the carnage and full repair of the rig. Dave and his team bring only top notch efficiency to these events and will stop at nothing to ensure another crowd-pleasing run. Dave is truly versed in proper showmanship when it comes to pleasing the crowd and will stop at nothing to get everyone on their feet!

Thanks to all who attended and stopped by the XDP booth, and we look forward to seeing you all again next year for another Jambo!

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27th Annual 4-Wheel Jamboree Bloomsburg, PA


The XDP Crew was once again in Bloomsburg, PA for the 27th Annual 4-wheel Jamboree. With us was the XDP Diesel Powered Monster Truck driven by Dave Radzierez, the XDP Diesel Rat Rod driven by Frank Mohr, and the XDP Diesel Drag Truck driven by Anthony Reams! The event draws not only diesel fans but off-road enthusiasts of all kinds. This 3-day event brought with it some humid weather but made for fantastic track conditions during the dirt-drags and mud-bog events. Jamboree events are always action-packed and filled with opportunities for fans to meet with manufacturers, vendors, distributors, monster truck drivers, and the like. Attendees were given a great opportunity to capitalize on show specials for parts and merchandise!


Both Saturday and Sunday were incredibly eventful with dirt drags and mud-bog runs being held throughout day. Later in the afternoon and evening the fan-favorite monster truck racing and freestyle events took place. Unfortunately, Saturday the XDP monster truck managed to break a pushrod and could not finish out the rest of the night. It was safe to say that Dave could not go through with the highly-anticipated 3-for-3 back-flip attempt on Sunday, which was disappointing. Overall, the event lived up to its reputation as being a great show, with the weather being good, the racing top-notch, and the monster trucks being as exciting as always. Everyone including XDP had a blast!

Thanks to all who attended and stopped by the XDP booth and we look forward to seeing you all in Indy for the next back-flip attempt!


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XDP would like to give a special thanks to Caleb from Fleece Performance Engineering and Rick from MBRP, for all their support over the weekend!