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XDP Billet Turbo Resonator Delete Plug Install


XDP_XD184The XDP (XD184 – Turbo Resonator Delete Plug) is a great addition for the 04.5-10 6.6L Duramax owners looking to clean up their engine bay by removing the factory turbo resonator. The XD184 will also give you the true turbo whistle vs what was being softened by the factory resonator. The XDP Turbo Resonator Delete Plug comes with a built-in O-ring for a simple install and perfect seal!

Step 1: Disconnect Batteries

Step 2: Locate your OE resonator under your hood.

Step 3: Remove all mounting screws/fasteners holding the resonator in place. Using a rocking motion, lift and remove the resonator plenum from the intake tube.

Step 4: Position the XDP Billet Turbo Resonator Delete Plug over the opening in your intake tube and press firmly using the palm of your hand to seat the plug into place.

 Purchase the XDP Billet Turbo Resonator Delete Plug Here!

XDP Duramax PCV/Crankcase Breather Re-Route Fittings Install


Over time, the factory PCV system on the 04.5-10 6.6L Duramax can contaminate your intake system, intercooler and turbocharger with oil. Those looking to avoid this contamination can use our (XD183) PCV/Crankcase Breather Re-Route Fittings to re-route your crankcase breather to a location or catch can of your choice.

Step 1: Disconnect Batteries

Step 2: Locate your OE resonator under your hood.

Step 3: Remove all mounting screws/fasteners holding the resonator in place. Using a rocking motion, lift and remove the resonator plenum from the intake tube.

Step 4: Follow the PCV tube until you reach the valve cover and bolts on both the Passenger and Driver side. Remove the bolts mounting the crossover tube onto the valve covers. Pull the tube up out of the ports. Save the bolts.

Step 5: Unclip the PCV tube from the intake using pliers to loosen the clamp. Disconnect the PCV line from the intake tube and remove from the vehicle. You will have to plug/cap this open area of the intake. (XDP offers the XDP Billet PCV Re-Route Plug XD185 for a perfect fit!)

Step 6: Using clean motor oil, lubricate the O-rings on the PCV/Crankcase Breather Re-Route Fittings.

Step 7: Install the fittings into both valve covers using the bolts you saved from Step 4.

Step 8: You now can re-route your PCV to a location or catch can of your choice using 5/8″ heater hose. (Hose not included)

 Purchase the XDP Duramax PCV/Crankcase Breather Re-Route Fittings Here!

XDP Duramax Fuel Filter Delete Install

The XDP Duramax Fuel Filter Delete XD163 is a must have for any 2001-2015 GM 6.6L Duramax with a modified fuel system. Specially designed as a bolt-on replacement, the XDP Fuel Filter Delete simply installs in place of your factory fuel filter when using aftermarket fuel systems such as an Airdog, FASS, or custom applications where your factory fuel filter is no longer needed. Built from durable billet aluminum the XDP Duramax Fuel Filter Delete features an o-ring seal with a pre-drilled and tapped port for fuel pressure monitoring, and a threaded base that retains the factory Water In Fuel (WIF) Sensor. The XD163 can also be used with our XDP WIF Sensor delete plug XD137.

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Step 1: Disconnect the factory fuel filter heater wire located on the top of the fuel filter head (Only found on early model engines)

Step 2-3: Unplug your Water in Filter (WIF) sensor at the bottom of your factory filter. Remove your factory fuel filter.

Step 4-6: Remove the (2) T20 Torx bit screws from the center of the fuel filter head to access the spring and check ball.  Once the screws are out, remove the spring and check ball from the fuel filter head.  Reinstall the cover without the spring and check ball to the filter head using the (2) T20 Torx screws.

Step 7: Install your WIF sensor, from your factory fuel filter, on your XDP Fuel Filter Delete (XD163).

Step 8: Install the supplied O-ring and 1/8” NPT plug on the XDP Fuel Filter Delete (XD163). (Lubricate the O-ring)

Step 9: Thread the XDP Fuel Filter Delete (XD163) onto the factory filter head and reconnect your wires. (Hand tight)

Step 10: Bleed the air from your fuel system.

Step 11: Start the engine and check for leaks.

XDP Presents The 2016 Diesel Power Challenge


Since 2011, XDP’s teamed up with the great people of Diesel Power Magazine as the presenting sponsor of the Diesel Power Challenge and we’re back at it again!!

This annual event gives readers the power to vote their 10 favorite trucks into the challenge to compete for the DPC title.  This years lineup includes 4 Fords, 3 GMs and 3 Rams.  Drivers will be given the opportunity to showcase their skills in drag racing, trailer towing, sled pulling, and maneuvering through an obstacle course with 10,000 pounds in tow.  To top it all off, all the events will be measured for fuel economy!

The 2016 Diesel Power Challenge will be kicking off on June 6th and close with a winner being crowned on June 10th. Be sure to check us out on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter for behind-the-scenes coverage of the event!

XDP Dodge Cummins VP44 Injection Pumps

XDIPVR17X_XDP_03_webWe’re proud to announce the XDP line of VP44 Injection Pumps for our 2nd Gen 5.9L 24V Cummins owners. While many VP44’s on the market are rebuilt with inferior quality components, XDP’s pumps have been remanufactured to most stringent specifications using only the highest quality genuine Bosch parts.

XDIPVR15X_XDP_webThe stock replacement XDIPVR15X & XDIPVR17X is a perfect option for those needing to replace their failed VP44.

XDIPVR15X – Application: 1998.5-2002 Dodge 5.9L Cummins Auto & 5-Speed (Standard Output 235HP)

XDIPVR17X – Application: 2000-2002 Dodge 5.9L Cummins 6-Speed (High Output – 245HP)

XD191_XDP2_webThe XD191, known as the “H.O. XTREME” pump, is specifically designed to deliver the fuel needed to bring your truck to the next level. The H.O. XTREME pump is best suited with additional fueling and turbo upgrades. This pump ships with a pre-installed performance pump cover, eliminating the need to tap any pump wires.

XD191 – Application: 1998.5-2002 Dodge 5.9L Cummins Auto & Manual (80HP-100HP)

icon_1yearwarrantyXDP’s VP44 Injection Pumps are remanufactured using 100% Genuine Bosch parts. All remanufactured XDP VP44 Injection Pumps are warranted to be free from defects in materials and workmanship for a period of twelve (12) months from the date of purchase.

Why did my VP44 Injection Pump Fail?

Common Failures:

  • Fuel Delivery (Lack of fuel pressure from the lift pump will starve the VP44 of the fuel it requires to be cooled and lubricated. This heat and lack of lubrication, most often, leads to either a pump failure internally or electronically.)
  • Fuel Contamination (Corrosion of your pump internals, caused by contaminated fuel or the use of alternative fuels, will cause drivability issues and lead to a failure of the pump.)
    • Always purchase fuel from trusted sources and run a high quality fuel additive, such as XDP’s Diesel Power Plus, to help avoid contamination issues.
  • Electrical Failure (Excessive heat and heat cycles over time will cause the electrical component on top of the VP44 to fail.)
    • There is little you can do to avoid the heat of the engine, but our best recommendation is to run a good aftermarket lift pump that provides the best flow of fuel to keep the pump cool.
  • Seized Rotor (Lack of lubrication from either running the pump out of fuel or the lower sulfur diesel fuel being used today.)
    • Running a high quality fuel additive, such as XDP’s Diesel Power Plus, increases fuel lubricity and helps extend injection pump and fuel system life.

Looking for more information on our XDP VP44’s? – Click Here!

XDP Ford 6.7L Coolant Filtration System

The XDP 6.7L Coolant Filtration System (Part Number: XD192) is an excellent add-on for any stock or modified 2011-2015 Ford 6.7L Powerstroke. The 6.7L’s primary cooling system is responsible for cooling the most vital components on your engine, which includes your engine block, cylinder heads, oil cooler, turbocharger, and EGR cooler. Because of the cast engine design, contaminants such as casting sand and sediment are commonly left over after the engine is manufactured. Keeping your cooling system free from such debris is crucial to the life and performance of your engine.

The XDP Coolant Filtration System comes with everything needed for installation. This system is built around an easy to find parts store filter and can be installed easily with your basic hand tools. No modifications or cutting of your factory hoses required!


Step 1: Remove the driver side coolant overflow tank cap.


Step 2: Drain approximately 3 gallons of coolant from the primary cooling system. (This coolant drain is located on the bottom, driver side, of the radiator.)



Step 3: Using the supplied thread seal tape, go over all of your threads to ensure the kit has a proper seal.

Step 4: Attach the mounting bracket to the XDP filter base using the supplied hardware.


Step 5: Install the supply hose, return hose and hex plug into the XDP filter. The hex plug is threaded into the side of the filter base closest to the “X” in the logo. The supply hose, with the 90° fitting, threads into the front of the filter base below the “XDP” logo. The return hose, with the tee fitting, is threaded into the side of the filter base closest to the “P” in our logo.

Step 6: Install the fully assembled filter base to the driver side cowl where the ground strap is located. Remove the factory bolt and ground strap. Mount the base using the same factory bolt, supplied lock washer and nut. Be sure that the ground strap is reattached. xd192_xdp_10_web


Step 7: Thread the aluminum tube into the hex block and tighten.


Step 8: Using a 19mm deep socket, remove the Engine Coolant Temperature (ECT) DSC_4944sensor from the coolant crossover. The sensor is located on the driver side of the engine in the coolant crossover. You will find the sensor above the coolant pump and next to the thermostat housing. XD192 - Sensor Location


Step 9: Thread the hex tube assembly into the area the ECT was located. Using a wrench, tighten the assembly until one of the three open ports is facing directly towards the rear of the truck.DSC_4947


Step 10: From the front of the truck, thread the hex plug into the opening facing the rear, thread the barbed fitting into the opening on left and thread the ECT sensor into the opening on the right. Reconnect the ECT sensor wiring.DSC_4981

Step 11: Connect the supply hose, the line from the front of the filter base, to the open barbed fitting on the hex block. Secure the line using one of the supplied hose clamps.


Step 12: Route the return hose from the filter base to the front of the overflow tank. Remove the factory hose from the tank and insert the tee fitting into the factory hose using the factory clamp. Install the supplied short section of coolant hose in-between the tee fitting and the tank using the supplied hose clamps.


Step 13: Lubricate the seal and install the Donaldson P554685 Coolant Filter onto the filter base.

Step 14: Refill the coolant system back to Ford Specifications.

Step 15: Inspect for any leaks and top off the coolant as needed.




Products manufactured by XDP carry a 1-Year warranty against defects in materials and craftsmanship. The Warranty is Limited to one (1) year from the date of sale and limited solely to the parts contained within the product’s kit. Click Here for full warranty policy.


A: Initially, the filter should be changed after 1 month of use. The second and third filter should be changed in 3 month intervals. After that the filter can be changed on a yearly basis.


A: The XDP Coolant Filtration System comes complete with an easy to find, off the shelf Donaldson Coolant Filter Part no. P554685.


A: Absolutely! The XDP Coolant Filtration System features pre-assembled high-quality silicone hoses. This entire kit can be installed with just a few basic hand tools.


XDP’s Ford 6.0L Basic EGR Delete Installation

XD186The Ford 6.0L PowerStroke’s relationship with its EGR system often doesn’t lead to a happy ending. Many owners would agree that the EGR system was one of, if not the first concerns they had after purchasing their 6.0L. Due to the failing reputation associated with the EGR systems, XDP offers multiple types of EGR Deletes for this application. Our newest addition is the XDP 6.0L Basic EGR Delete Kit with Coolant Block-Off Plate (Part Number: XD186).

Using the same proven design as our standard EGR Delete Kit, the Basic EGR Delete is built with ease of install and value in mind. The specially designed Up-Pipe Block-Off Plate simply clamps in place to block the cooler connection of your factory up-pipe. This saves time, money and the hassle of working between the firewall when removing/replacing the factory passenger side up-pipe.

**For off-road use only**

(CA Residents: Not legal for sale or use in California on pollution controlled motor vehicles.)


Step 1: Disconnect Batteries

xd144 egr delete pic 008

Step 2: Drain coolant

xd144 egr delete pic 013

Step 3: Remove clips for plastic wire way located above turbo. Fold to windshield of truck and retain with plastic zip tie.

xd144 egr delete pic 015

Step 4: Remove upper fan shroud by prying away from radiator through slots. (Note:  The plastic can be very brittle)

xd144 egr delete pic 018

Step 5: Loosen hose clamps and remove intake tube. Then unscrew bolts and remove turbo inlet tube and PCV Valve.xd144 egr delete pic 021xd144 egr delete pic 022

Step 6: Unbolt alternator and disconnect wires.  Tilt alternator towards front of vehicle. Note: it is not necessary to loosen belt tensioner.xd144 egr delete pic 023xd144 egr delete pic 024

Step 7: Remove Turbo – Intercooler charge pipe, Oil feed line from oil cooler to turbo (3 Bolts), VGT actuator harness plug, Up -pipe v band clamp, Turbo v-band clamp (downpipe), Turbo mounting bolts (3 Bolts)

xd144 egr delete pic 025

xd144 egr delete pic 027xd144 egr delete pic 032xd144 egr delete pic 031xd144 egr delete pic 029xd144 egr delete pic 034xd144 egr delete pic 041Step 8: Once these parts are removed the turbo will rotate toward the passenger side of the truck and out of the pedestal.

xd144 egr delete pic 042

Step 9: Remove the oil drain tube from the High Pressure Oil Pump Housing then Remove the turbo mounting pedestal (4 Bolts). *Early 03-04 (Pedestal will differ)xd144 egr delete pic 043xd144 egr delete pic 044

Step 10: Remove EGR cooler v-band clamp from up-pipe.xd144 egr delete pic 048

Step 11: Loosen the intake manifold bolts on the driver’s side. Completely remove the intake manifold bolts from the passenger side and note their location using a piece of cardboard. Remove the two bolts that go through the inner fan stator to the intake manifold (Located under the shroud).xd144 egr delete pic 050xd144 egr delete pic 052

Step 12: Remove the bolt that is used to stiffen the heater tube to the manifold (located below alternator). Bend this tab upward.xd144 egr delete pic 053

Step 13: Remove EGR cooler’s (3 mounting bolts)xd144 egr delete pic 056

Step 14: Lightly push down on the EGR cooler while pulling up on the intake manifold to disengage from the manifold.xd144 egr delete pic 058

Step 15: While holding the manifold up with a small pry bar move the cooler toward the back of the engine. Continuing to hold the manifold up, lift and remove the cooler through the front of the engine. Be sure that all gaskets and o-rings are removed with the cooler.xd144 egr delete pic 061

Step 16: Replace intake manifold bolts and torque to 120 (in-lbs.).

Step 17: Install the Up-Pipe Block-Off Plate onto your uppipe using the factory v-band clamp.


Step 18: Install the 3/4” silicone hose on the ¾” 180 degree Stainless steel coolant tube provided. Loosely install hose clamps.xd144 egr delete pic 066

Step 19: Grease the EGR Cooler adapter o-ring. Place into intake manifold. Finger tighten the two longer factory cooler mounting bolts. The third smaller bolt can be discarded.xd144 egr delete pic 069

Step 20: Tighten billet adapter bolts to 120 (in-lbs.), while tightening make sure the o-ring stays in place and alignment is correct. Be sure not to over torque the bolts. Slide hose over the oil cooler nipple and tighten both hose clamps snugly.

Step 21: Remove factory EGR Valve from intake manifold and install XDP Aluminum block-off plate, use existing bolts and Torque to 120 (in-lbs.).

Step 22: Reinstall turbo, all intake and exhaust tubes including down pipe, alternator, shroud, wires etc. in reverse order from steps 3 to 17.

Step 23: Refill with new coolant, use manufacturer recommended and mix according to label.

Step 24: You are now ready to test your XDP EGR delete kit. Start engine and run till coolant circulates. Top off coolant system if needed. Make a close inspection for any coolant leaks or oil leaks.

The EGR delete system should not throw a check engine light on 03-04 trucks. On 2005 models it has been noted that if the EGR valve is left in place the truck shouldn’t throw any codes. 06-07 models require aftermarket tuning such as an SCT programmer to avoid any trouble codes.

 Purchase the XDP 6.0L Basic EGR Delete Kit Here!