2017 Rudy’s Fall Truck Jam


This past weekend the XDP crew headed to Piedmont Dragway in North Carolina for the 2017 Rudy’s Diesel Fall Truck Jam.  Friday morning racers, vendors, sled pullers, and fans arrived at the track for day one of the event. The first part of the day featured the drag racing qualifying rounds, followed by sled pulls in the evening, along with a vendor row that was set up throughout the day.

The weather was great on Friday with sunny skies, and temperatures in the mid 80’s making for great track conditions which helped some race teams make some great passes, such as Lavon Miller who ran a 5.00 second pass at 145MPH in the 1/8th mile! Later in the evening once qualifying finished, the crowd made their way down to the sled pulling track for the first evening of sled pulling.

Saturday morning everyone returned to the track in the early morning where we expereinced some intense foggy conditions, but that didn’t stop the show. The crowd returned to the track to watch some elimination rounds of drag racing, look at show trucks on display, and check out vendor row.

We battled some on and off light rain throughout the earlier part of the day but the track officials did an awesome job keeping on top of the track to keep the racing going as soon as the rain stopped falling. Unfortunately, at about 5pm the rain really started coming down and forced the event to end early.

As always, the event was a great way to end the 2017 racing season. XDP would like to thank the crew at Rudy’s who worked hard to put on a great event. We’d also like to our fans that stopped by to see us at the event this weekend.

Racers, remember that XDP will be exhibiting at PRI December 7-9, come see us at our expanded booth in the yellow hall booth #3173.

2017 NHRDA World Finals


XDP headed back to the Texas Motorplex in Ennis, TX this past weekend for the final event of the 2017 NHRDA season, and to compete in the World Finals. The 2-day event started on Friday evening with a big crowd and a great show as the sled pullers let it all “hang out” trying to take the win. A great evening for all in attendance!

On Saturday, the excellent weather continued for the drag racing portion of the event. The crowd poured in on Saturday morning to see some of the fastest diesels compete for title of 2017 NHRDA World Champion. In between races the crowd was checking out the dyno and all the beautiful trucks in the show and shine, along with visiting the many exhibitors in vendor alley.  I know we at XDP had a great time with visits from our friends and supporters all throughout the weekend.

As the season comes to an end, we’d like to thank the NHRDA and their staff for another great season! We appreciate everything the NHRDA does to further the innovation, and action in diesel motorsports. Thank you to all of the fans who travel far and wide to attend these events, and a HUGE thank you goes out to all those that have helped the XDP Race Team along the way this season.

Have a great off-season! Racers, remember that XDP will be exhibiting at PRI December 7-9, come see us at our expanded booth in the yellow hall booth #3173.

Check out the NHRDA site for complete results from the 2017 season.
NHRDA Official Site

2017 XDP Open House Weekend


This past weekend marks another year in the books for the crew at XDP! As an event that gets bigger and bigger every year, the XDP Open House Weekend surely did not disappoint. XDP’s Open House Weekend combines the U.S. Diesel Truckin’ Nationals at Old Bridge Township Raceway Park, with the XDP Open House the following day at our NJ Headquarters. It’s a true diesel heaven for any diesel enthusiast.

The Open House Weekend kicks off at the crack of dawn on Saturday morning as the XDP Crew, and 30+ manufacturers work hard to assemble the XDP Midway. Top industry names such as Industrial Injection, AFE Power, MBRP, BD-Power, FASS Fuel Systems, Magnaflow, Edge Products, Bostech, Fleece Performance and many more bring their sharpest representatives, new products and a ton of materials to hand out. This gives our fans the perfect opportunity to speak with, ask questions, and seek product suggestions directly from the source.

In addition to the massive lineup of manufacturer displays, our very own Race Team was also on-site throughout the weekend showcasing the XDP Rat Rod, Jr. Dragster, “Xtreme Diesel” Monster Truck, and XDP Drag Truck.  On Saturday, spectators were excited to get a first-hand look at what goes in to preparing these vehicles before their evening appearance at Saturday night’s Motorsports Spectacular & Thrill Show.

New for 2017, a special guest appearance from the one and only Steve Darnell of Discovery channel’s Vegas Rat Rods TV show! Steve Darnell is the mastermind behind the creations of Welderup, in Las Vegas. An awesome guy, Steve came out and was signing autographs in the FASS Fuel Systems Booth for the fans in attendance.

Throughout the day, we went around the track and watched some diesel drag racing. From big rigs, to pickups the U.S. Diesel Truckin’ Nationals offers something for everyone. In addition to the racers, the Show N’ Shine also draws in a huge crowd of high-quality show trucks!

On Saturday evening the stands were packed!  Just after our national anthem, XDP’s Anthony Reams and Lavon Miller of Firepunk Diesel approached the starting line to open the show with an exhibition race that was neck-and-neck and very well received by the crowd. Just minutes after our Crew Chief Michelle Simpson gave the signal, XDP’s “Xtreme Diesel” Monster Truck came roaring out from underneath the tower with the rest of the Monster Truck lineup to give the fans some car-crushing action!

The following morning the action shifted over to XDP’s NJ Headquarters which is just about a half-hour from the track. We do it all again and setup the XDP Vendor Midway with manufacturers all around our building, and inside the showroom. It’s another chance for all the spectators to meet and talk with the manufacturers who build the parts that make their trucks better!

On Sunday, just after the gates opened at around 11:00 AM fans quickly filled the XDP parking lot, showroom, and Dyno area to check out the scenery. With almost 50 trucks set to hit the rollers that day, the Dyno staff had them running back-to-back providing hours of action with several trucks putting down over 1,000 HP!

Since the Open House is a Customer Appreciation Day, lunch is on us! We had a whole crew on the grills serving up food to all our guests, including the crowd favorite, the pulled pork that was fresh off the smoker! Manufacturer seminars were also new for 2017, with top brands like Bostech, Suncoast, Champion, AFE, CP-Carillo, HSP Diesel, Longhorn Fab, MBRP, SCT, and Bully Dog giving you exclusive inside knowledge on the inner workings of their products.

Later in the afternoon as the action winds down the giveaway winners are announced. With fans winning things like free intakes, to a free tuner, and many other truck parts. This year, we also had a giveaway for the kids, the XDP Mini Truck! To enter, each child had to color a picture and enter it in the drawing.

All in all, the XDP Open House Weekend was a huge success! We’d like to thank the manufacturers that came out and supported the event, and most importantly, all the fans that attended. We look forward to the 2018 XDP Open House Weekend and hope to see everyone next year!

Dyno Winners: 

  • Duramax Highest HP: 1052HP – Michael Carpenter
  • Ford Highest HP: 1278HP – Mark Vanadia
  • Dodge Highest HP: 1384HP – Dustin Donadio
  • Highest HP Overall: 1384HP – Dustin Donadio
  • Lowest HP Overall: 204HP – Kaden Kovar


Team XDP Meets Special Giveaway Winner


Every year the crew behind the scenes at XDP works to bring exclusive giveaways to our fans. These prizes range from free truck parts, to free gear and swag giveaways, and even gift cards. However, our latest giveaway was a bit more special for us, this one was for the kids!

We decided to take a KidTrax Dodge 3500 Dually (with a Cummins of course), have it custom wrapped to match our Team XDP Racing trucks and give it away to one lucky child on social media. All their parents had to do was enter. With a ton of entries, we noticed one submission posted by Jay that really stuck out to us. Shortly after his post telling his son’s story, other fans started to rally behind Jay and his son Jackson.

Here’s Jay’s original entry:

“My 2 year old son Jackson loves trucks so much that even after his recent second open heart surgery he couldn’t wait to sit up and play with his trucks. Now while he is still currently in the hospital, every morning as soon as he wakes up he wants me to take him out and push him around the halls all day in the truck the hospital has! He would be ecstatic over that truck!”

The winner was obvious, Jay and his son Jackson were chosen. In most cases, we simply collect the winner’s information, and send the prize on it’s way. However, after hearing Jackson’s story, we wanted to do something extra special for him.

After some brainstorming with XDP’s Dave Radzierez (Monster Truck Driver) and Michelle Simpson (Crew Chief), we came up with a plan to have Jackson and his entire family come up for lunch. They could get an up close look at the Monster Truck, the shop, and most importantly Jackson would be getting a truck of his own, the XDP wrapped KidTrax Ram 3500 Dually.

About a week later, Jackson and the whole family came out for a special day that only a few have ever experienced. Greeted by Dave and Michelle, Jackson got a chance to sit in the drivers seat of XDP’s “Xtreme Diesel”  Monster Truck, enjoyed a ride around the property in the UTV, and of course, Jackson got to go home with his XDP wrapped KidTrax. All in all, it was a great time, and we are so glad to have met an incredibly brave young man, and his wonderful family.

Xtreme Diesel’s Wild Ride In El Paso

“Don’t lift! When your foot is to the floor, you’re way more likely to correct it” said XDP’s Dave Radzierez, as he described in detail what it was like during the wild ride he had on Saturday night during his Monster Jam Freestyle run in El Paso, Texas.

The Crew arrived in Texas ready to put on a show and they did not disappoint. Down in El Paso, Monster Jam set the stage for an action packed weekend at the UTEP Sun Bowl , an outdoor stadium that looks like it’s carved into the side of a cliff.

Starting off the day like the rest of the events on this tour, Team XDP had the pleasure of being on display during the sold out Pit Party. The Pit Party is the Meet & Greet portion of the event where all the fans get to see the trucks up-close, talk to the drivers, get autographs and more. It’s always a great time for the crew.

Once the sun went down, the main event started and the Monster Jam lineup roared into the stadium. From there, racing began and while not qualifying in the first round, XDP took to the Wheelie Competition with a tie for first place! Dave had the truck almost standing upright, always an impressive thing to see.

Coming out of the wheelie competition with some good momentum, Dave hit the course for Freestyle. After getting a few good jumps in, Dave hit a table top with a little less speed than he wanted due to some tire spin. He hit the jump anyway and instead of clearing it, the back tires came up just a little short. This caused a nosedive that made the truck land sideways. With the truck up on the front end, Dave put his foot to the floor to try and correct it! Bouncing off the front end, the truck went into a sideways barrel-roll making almost two full rotations! The sold out stadium went absolutely wild, and this was sure to be a highlight of the weekend.

(Thanks to YouTuber Manuel Tinevra for the footage)

After track officials dragged the truck off the track, the team went to work getting it fixed so we could be back up and running for the Sunday show, a task easier said than done. Our crew, and several others worked through the night and all through Sunday morning to pull it off. At about 1:45PM, 15 minutes before show time the truck went through the final tech and we were clear to run. While we were missing half the body panels, Monster Jam played the highlight reel crash over on the big screen so the fans the following day could see just how the truck got that way.

Relieved to be up and running, Dave joined the rest of the line up and hit the course to put on a show for all the fans in attendance on Sunday. All-in-all, we had a great weekend in El Paso. It’s time for us to hit the road, so we can get back to wrenchin’ before the next event!

(Event Highlights courtesy of Monster Jam Live)

Mud Boggin’ in San Diego


It was a wet and muddy weekend for Team XDP in San Diego. Pulling out of Minneapolis last weekend, the crew thought they would be headed west to enjoy the beautiful weather of Southern California. That was far from reality, as they pulled into some of the worst rain San Diego has seen in quite some time!

With the usual kick-off Pit Party in the early afternoon, the fans, trucks and grounds were drenched from the on-and-off rains! That didn’t stop the action from happening, though. Dave and the crew got to meet with the fans, show off the truck and sign some autographs.

xdp_gravedigger-line-up-to-second-race-2Since most of this stadium tour has been indoors, the weather hasn’t been much of a concern. But with nasty rain storms rolling through, it made for some messy conditions during the main event. Starting off with qualifying, “Xtreme Diesel” won the first round of racing, but got knocked out in the second round by Grave Digger. With so much mud flying out behind these trucks, it looked like a mud bog!

Right at the end of racing, a clump of mud with a rock in it kicked up and landed between the injector hat (a scoop-like throttle body that sits on top of the blower) and the throttle linkage. Dave went to hit the accelerator after noticing he had no throttle, and it pulled the cable right out of the linkage.

The only time they had to work on the truck was during the 9 minute intermission. Which is normally closer to a half hour, but was cut short due to earlier delays with the rain.  So with the clock ticking, our Crew Chief Michelle, had to run 4 blocks to get the throttle cable, and swap it out during the 9 minute intermission. They got the cable swapped, but putting it all back together just wasn’t in the cards. Even working on the truck at what felt like the speed of light, the air cleaner wasn’t back on when the crews were called off the field. Because we couldn’t run in the mud and rain without it, we were unfortunately sidelined during the freestyle portion of the event.

After the first muddy event of the tour, crews began cleaning the trucks. Enough to make any show truck owner cringe, they removed as much as 700lbs worth of mud from each truck! Team XDP reported about 6 hours of cleaning/power washing just to be able to get the body bolts out for a detailed cleaning. They’ve got almost a week till the next event so they’ll be hard at work getting the truck ready.

Even with the terrible weather, throttle linkage issues, and required deep cleaning, Team XDP was glad to be in San Diego, and had a great time at Monster Jam!

Look for Team XDP next weekend at Angels Stadium in Anaheim, California!
Official Event Details: Anaheim

Monster Mayhem in Minneapolis!



“Follow your dream and do whatever it takes to make it happen!”

An inspiring quote from XDP’s Dave Radzierez during his opening interview at Monster Jam in US Bank Stadium in Minneapolis, Minnesota.

As the crew pulled out of Tampa last weekend, they not only had to fix the trailer axle that caused a fire the week before, they also had to get the truck race ready after Dave rolled during Freestyle, in Tampa. Heading another 1000 miles north, the crew got the trailer fixed and then made their way straight to Minnesota.

Once the team rolled into town, they got right to work fixing some carnage and getting “Xtreme Diesel” show ready for Saturday’s event. We also can’t forget the added help of Team XDP’s Anthony Reams. While Anthony normally keeps busy on the Drag Truck, he took the trip to Minneapolis to see the show, and help out anywhere he was needed.

Fast forward to show time on Saturday night, everything was going well until Dave felt an axle break during the wheelie competition. Leaving him with just front wheel drive, not a good thing when you’re trying to lift the front wheels off the ground. Instantly our Crew Chief Michelle knew what the issue was and got straight to work. The crew had to leave the stadium, go 4 blocks, and get a 200lb center section!

Once there was a pause in the action, Dave was able to get off the field and go down in the tunnel where he began tearing the truck apart, waiting for the rest of the crew to come back so they could swap out the broken parts. A 3-hour job that needed to be done in 45 minutes before the Freestyle competition!

With just minutes to spare the crew was able to get the parts from the trailer, get back to the stadium, fix the carnage and get the truck back together. Minutes later, we were called to Freestyle with a grand entrance coming in full throttle out of the tunnel! Just minutes ago that truck was broken, and now Dave’s out blasting sky-high to please the crowd!


All in all, Team XDP was able turn around what would have been a very rough weekend by doing whatever they needed to do, to make it happen!

A special thank you goes out to Candice Jolly (Monster Mutt Dalmation), for rallying up the spare Monster Jam crew members mid-event to help us get back up and running, and of course our Crew Chief Michelle Simpson, who’s quick thinking got us out of a bind, and back into the action!

Team XDP will be back at it this weekend (2/18/17) at Petco Park, in San Diego, California!

Official Event Info: San Diego Monster Jam