Waterfest 21!

Waterfest! Well, if only the name implied anything about this past weekend’s climate we would have all been better off. But seriously, aside from the treacherous heat wave, Waterfest 21 saw a tremendous turnout. Basically, if you’re an avid enthusiast of some good ol’ German automotive engineering than Raceway Park would have been your desert oasis. And, if you just happen to be a member of the diesel family as well you would have also felt the coolness of the many TDI’s which we found roaming around the event including the one brought by yours truly, XDP! With plenty of live DJ’s scattered throughout the venue, hundreds of slick show rides, exciting track runs and even on-site sales and installation of aftermarket parts for your own personal vehicle, the Waterfest event is one of most interactive shows around which also makes it one of the most anticipated events every year. Heck! We even came across a few non-German supercars such as a stray McLaren and even a Lamborghini for those of you who don’t mind being a little more diverse. The point: Waterfest is definitely worth experiencing if you haven’t yet!


If you missed the Waterfest event than you know what to do. Visit our website at http://www.xdp.com and check out the events calendar for a complete listing of upcoming shows in your area.

4-Wheel Jamboree (Lima, OH)

Once again, XDP made an appearance at the 4-Wheel Jamboree in Lima, Ohio. One of the greatest reasons for why the Jamboree is always so successful is built right in to its name which aims to bring out four-wheel drive enthusiasts. That being said, the wet weather this weekend helped to set the stage for those of us who aren’t afraid of a little mud and some steady rain. We’ve seen shows endure wet climate in the past but the Jamboree is by far always the most resilient and the tireless crowd of this past weekend was nothing short of absolute living proof. If you were one of the many who were willing to tough it out you would have been rewarded with a countless number of big time manufactures who set up some very cool displays, sweet deals on parts for your earth conquering ride and a four-wheel drive show that did not even come close to disappointing.

Fans were out in serious force and were obviously not going to be deterred from having a good-time on the account of an “unfavorable” forecast. Instead, everyone including yours truly made it a point to take full advantage of the opportunity to connect with other fans who share a very strong common interest. And like usual, our good friend and very skilled monster truck driver, Dave Radzierez, captured some serious height at the track which, not surprisingly, brought the crowd onto its feet as we witnessed Dave give his truck a muddy makeover. Good thing it washes off!

If you missed the Jamboree be sure to visit us at one of the many future events that XDP will be attending throughout the season. For details, hop onto our web site at www.xdp.com and check out the events calendar for a complete listing of upcoming shows in your area. We look forward to seeing you there! Lima

4-Wheel Jamboree in Indianapolis


This past weekend the XDP crew hit the road for another exciting trip. This time we traveled to Indianapolis to attend it’s 4-Wheel Jamboree located at the Indiana State Fairgrounds. Every year this large-scale event boasts an enormous performance marketplace consisting of an extensive lineup of vendors and manufactures eager to show off some of their most latest and greatest product developments and releases. Thanks to a very cooperative early season climate, attendees also had the pleasure of choosing to either view or take part in the Jamborees’ show-and-shine which stretched for the entire fairground campus. For the die-hard 4-wheelin’ fanatics, there was plenty of mud-slingin’ carnage to be had during the mud bogs and mud drags that took place throughout the entire weekend. Or, for those of you who just enjoy leaving your signature on the pavement, the Jamboree hosts a wicked burnout contest on it’s final day.

However, for what its worth, we personally look the most forward to showing off our free-style skills during the monster truck events. And this year, like in true XDP fashion, we wore our best game faces and put on a serious show. For the third time in a single year the XDP monster truck demonstrated to the world what determination and perseverance matched with an overwhelming amount of diesel power can accomplish. Please join us in congratulating Dave Radzierez, driver of the XDP monster truck, on his safe and successful completion of yet another monster truck back-flip. Because when the smoke from his stack finally clears, after the dirt settles back to the ground, and when all four (or three) attached wheels are on the track, it truly is “all about Dave.”

If you missed the Jamboree this year be sure to add it to your calendar for the next. Not only do we love having our fans come out to support us from the bleachers but we also enjoy meeting our customers face-to-face. For updates about where we’ll be next, follow us on Facebook or visit our website and click on “XDP Events” for a complete listing of scheduled happenings.

XDP Lands the Backflip on First Attempt!

XDP Monster Truck Backflip

4-Wheel Jamboree @ Allen County Fairgrounds (Lima, OH)

The 4-Wheel Jamboree this past weekend in Lima Ohio once again drew diesel and off-road enthusiasts to the Allen County Fairgrounds to check out many truck and vendor exhibits, socialize with fellow enthusiasts, snag show specials on parts, and watch the exciting racing and freestyle competitions. If you are a truck and off-road enthusiast and haven’t attended a 4 Wheel Jamboree then it’s safe to say you’re missing out.

After three full days of Jamboree action, XDP closed out the show with a very special performance put on by Dave Radzierez, driver of the XDP Diesel Powered Monster Truck. Coming off his 2013 Freestyle Championship and in defense of his title, the XDP Diesel Powered Monster Truck successfully landed a backflip on its first attempt on Sunday! It was truly an exciting and emotional performance for Dave, his family, and the entire XDP Racing Team. Now before you get mad at yourself for not being there to see it with your own eyes in Lima, Dave will be attempting the very same feat on the final day at each of the remaining three 4-Wheel Jamboree events this year which will be in Springfield MO on June 22, Bloomsburg PA on July 13, and Indianapolis IN on September 21. Take it from us, these events are quite the experience and well worth the trip from wherever you’re coming.

The next Jamboree is in Springfield Missouri, make plans now to come watch Dave go for two in a row! We’ll see you there!

XDP Diesel Powered Monster Truck Back Flip – Click Here

4-Wheel Jamboree @ Bloomsburg, PA (July 12th – 14th)

Whether you’re a 4-wheel fanatic or a diesel connoisseur, the annual 4-Wheel Jamboree @ the Bloomsburg Fairgrounds in Bloomsburg, PA has always been one of the hottest events on the east coast for truck enthusiasts of all kind. From earth slingin’ mud bog races to tire pummeling freestyle monster truck circuits, the Jamboree is the place to be this time of year. As always, with its seemingly endless rows of performance vendors and manufactures such as AirDog, MBRP, and of course, yours truly, Xtreme Diesel Performance, just to name a few, the Jamboree sports a vast selection of diesel performance upgrades and replacement parts for your ride. However, this year, we gave our supporting fans a little something extra to look forward to; the opportunity to get up close and personal with the builder of XDP’s infamous Rat Rod and, of course, the Rat Rod itself, which we’re always eager to show off!
_MG_5141 And, as always, we’d like to give a huge shout out to Dave Radzierez and his team, driver of the XDP monster truck who, once again, outdid himself by giving XDP’s fans yet another heart pounding performance that will, no doubt, be remembered for many more Jamboree’s to come. If you were at the event this past weekend, you probably know exactly what we’re talking about. The question is then, have you ever seen another diesel monster truck catch as much air as ours? Probably not, considering we’re the only one’s doing it; we’re just extreme like that. However, if you didn’t make it out this past weekend, we hope you’ll consider dropping by to see us for the XDP Jersey Devil Diesel Nationals on August 18th @ Atco Raceway in Atco New Jersey right near our New Jersey showroom in Wall Township.

4-Wheel Jamboree (Lima, OH)

This past weekend, XDP set up at the 4-Wheel Jamboree, which took place in Lima, Ohio, for three days of mud slingin’, tire rippin’, suspension pummeling excitement. Except for a few brief periods of light rain on Saturday, the conditions in Lima were the best in years. That led to 3 full days of great 4-wheeling action that left the weekend’s crowd roaring after each day of racing.

For all you fellow diesel enthusiasts who were at the Lima Jamboree, you already know the highlight of XDP’s weekend in Lima. On Saturday, the biggest day of the event with the stands packed, Dave Radzierez driver of the XDP Cummins powered Monster Truck BEAT Big Foot driven by the very talented Dan Runte! Yes that Big Foot!

Last season was the first for the new XDP chassis and all year Dave and Michelle who run the team worked long and hard at getting this truck dialed in. To see the progress in speed, power, and reliability early in the 2013 season is exciting. We’ve got a couple more highly technical issues to sort, but they will get it and we’ll roll coal over the competition again soon I’m sure!

As for the rest of the event, the 4-Wheel Jamboree was a great time with many classes of entertaining racing taking place, along with plenty of great food, cold drinks, and socializing in between. XDP offered up a huge list of performance part show specials that many took advantage of as well. Also, a big thanks to Rick from MBRP who was our neighbor all weekend and helped answer many exhaust related technical questions for those stopping by the exhibits.

If you missed Lima this year, try not to beat yourself up and instead check out XDP’s event calendar and plan a trip to come experience it yourself at the next XDP event in your area.

Our next 4 Wheel Jamboree with the XDP Monster Truck is June 22-23 in Springfield MO at the Ozark Empire Fairgrounds. We hope to see many of our friends and supporters there!