23rd Annual XDP Truck Mania


On June 10th the XDP Crew headed down to Maryland International Raceway, in Mechanicsville, Maryland for the 23rd Annual XDP Truck Mania. The day was action packed with drag racing, a show n shine contest, dyno shootout, school bus races for the kids, robosaurus, burnout contest, and of course the daisy dukes contest to close out the day. With sunny skies and a growing crowd, we knew it would be a good day! The track was packed with pickups and big rigs from all over the country who came to Maryland just for Truck Mania.

The racing was intense in all classes from semis, too pickups. Alongside the track there were vendors set up. The burnout contest had the crowd going wild as everyone watched multiple pickups literally blow the tires right off them, and of course everyone loved robosaurus the fire breathing, car eating machine! Big wheel races for the kids was a huge hit, as well as the DJ playing all day. Of course, everyone loves the daisy dukes contest to end the day.

Overall it was a great day at Maryland International Raceway for the 23rd Annual Truck Mania. The weather, the racing, the show trucks, the burnout contest, and the school bus races for the kids really made it a great event to attend. We look forward to seeing everyone next year down at Maryland International Raceway. To learn about more events coming up that XDP will be attending across the country, visit our website and go to the events section to find an event near you.

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