Industrial Injection Diesel Showdown

industrial815This past weekend XDP headed to Rocky Mountain Raceways in Salt Lake City, Utah for the Industrial Injection Diesel Showdown. It was a 1 day event on Friday starting at 5pm and running until 10pm. Several thousand people showed up to watch as some of the fastest diesel powered vehicles in the world battled each other for first place in their class.

Big news from this event is that Team XDP driver Anthony Reams was able to run an 8.85et at 156mph!  This puts him as the only Super Street truck to go into the 8’s in the 1/4 mile. Unfortunately, he was only able to make one pass at the event. After his first pass of 8.85, he started having trans issues. The converter started locking up when you put the truck into drive and stalling the engine out. He came there to run in the 8’s and that’s what he did, so it was still mission accomplished. Hopefully Anthony is able to get the truck ready to go for the next event that takes place this weekend in Montana.

XDP will be headed next to Yellowstone Dragstrip in Billings, Montana for the NHRDA Big Sky Truck Fest. The last NHRDA event Anthony set the Super Street record at 9.15et. After his run of 8.85 this past weekend in Utah, if he is able to get the truck ready for Montana, we should hopefully see another Super Street record be broken!

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