Waterfest 21!

Waterfest! Well, if only the name implied anything about this past weekend’s climate we would have all been better off. But seriously, aside from the treacherous heat wave, Waterfest 21 saw a tremendous turnout. Basically, if you’re an avid enthusiast of some good ol’ German automotive engineering than Raceway Park would have been your desert oasis. And, if you just happen to be a member of the diesel family as well you would have also felt the coolness of the many TDI’s which we found roaming around the event including the one brought by yours truly, XDP! With plenty of live DJ’s scattered throughout the venue, hundreds of slick show rides, exciting track runs and even on-site sales and installation of aftermarket parts for your own personal vehicle, the Waterfest event is one of most interactive shows around which also makes it one of the most anticipated events every year. Heck! We even came across a few non-German supercars such as a stray McLaren and even a Lamborghini for those of you who don’t mind being a little more diverse. The point: Waterfest is definitely worth experiencing if you haven’t yet!


If you missed the Waterfest event than you know what to do. Visit our website at http://www.xdp.com and check out the events calendar for a complete listing of upcoming shows in your area.

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