Bullydog Dog Days


XDP joined Bullydog this past weekend for the 11th annual Bullydog Dog Days diesel event at Bannock County Fairgrounds in Pocatello Idaho. The event included a dyno competition, dirt drags, sled pulls, and a freestyle motorcross show. The event started at 8am with a dyno competition that ran most of the day until about 4 pm. The majority of the trucks on the dyno were Duramaxes with some Cummins and Powerstrokes mixed in.  The winner of the dyno competition was an 1800hp regular cab short bed Duramax owned by Custom Auto. Around 6pm is when people started to flood through the gates to watch the sled pulls and dirt drags. Sled pulls started around 6:30pm with multiple classes competing. The dirt drags are what got everyone really excited. Using a 400 ft drag strip on the same dirt used for the sleds pulls, it was awesome to see the trucks fly by you on the dirt from only a couple feet away. It was a great event with several thousand people coming to watch. We can’t wait to join them next year for this excellent annual event.

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