XDP’s Ford 6.0L Complete EGR Delete Installation

Amongst the diesel community there’s a large number of 6.0L Ford Powerstoke engines with EGR problems. The exhaust gas recirculation (EGR) system routes exhaust gases back into the engine to lower nitrogen oxide (NOX) emissions produced by the engine. The EGR systems on the 6.0L’s unfortunately have a bad reputation of failing on both stock and modified trucks. By installing the XDP 6.0L Complete EGR delete your engine will run cleaner and cooler while increasing overall reliability. Below is a step by step installation guide to help you increase your 6.0L’s dependability and performance.

XDP’s XD144 Premium EGR Delete KitXD144


XDP’s XD169 Installer Series EGR Delete Kit

Install Tip: We suggest that a rust penetrant is applied liberally beforehand to all exhaust fasteners to ease the disassembly of exhaust components. (Step17)

Step 1: Disconnect Batteries

xd144 egr delete pic 008

Step 2: Drain coolant

xd144 egr delete pic 013

Step 3: Remove clips for plastic wire way located above turbo. Fold to windshield of truck and retain with plastic zip tie.

xd144 egr delete pic 015

Step 4: Remove upper fan shroud by prying away from radiator through slots. (Note:  The plastic can be very brittle)

xd144 egr delete pic 018

Step 5: Loosen hose clamps and remove intake tube. Then unscrew bolts and remove turbo inlet tube and PCV Valve.xd144 egr delete pic 021xd144 egr delete pic 022

Step 6: Unbolt alternator and disconnect wires.  Tilt alternator towards front of vehicle. Note: it is not necessary to loosen belt tensioner.xd144 egr delete pic 023xd144 egr delete pic 024

Step 7: Remove Turbo:

Intercooler charge pipe, Oil feed line from oil cooler to turbo (3 Bolts), VGT actuator harness plug, Up -pipe v band clamp, Turbo v-band clamp (downpipe), Turbo mounting bolts (3 Bolts)

xd144 egr delete pic 025

xd144 egr delete pic 027xd144 egr delete pic 032xd144 egr delete pic 031xd144 egr delete pic 029xd144 egr delete pic 034xd144 egr delete pic 041Step 8: Once these parts are removed the turbo will rotate toward the passenger side of the truck and out of the pedestal.

xd144 egr delete pic 042

Step 9: Remove the oil drain tube from the High Pressure Oil Pump Housing then Remove the turbo mounting pedestal (4 Bolts). *Early 03-04 (Pedestal will differ)xd144 egr delete pic 043xd144 egr delete pic 044

Step 10: Remove EGR cooler v-band clamp from up-pipe.xd144 egr delete pic 048

Step 11: Loosen the intake manifold bolts on the driver’s side. Completely remove the intake manifold bolts from the passenger side and note their location using a piece of cardboard. Remove the two bolts that go through the inner fan stator to the intake manifold (Located under the shroud).xd144 egr delete pic 050xd144 egr delete pic 052

Step 12: Remove the bolt that is used to stiffen the heater tube to the manifold (located below alternator). Bend this tab upward.xd144 egr delete pic 053

Step 13: Remove EGR cooler’s (3 mounting bolts)xd144 egr delete pic 056

Step 14: Lightly push down on the EGR cooler while pulling up on the intake manifold to disengage from the manifold.xd144 egr delete pic 058

Step 15: While holding the manifold up with a small pry bar move the cooler toward the back of the engine. Continuing to hold the manifold up, lift and remove the cooler through the front of the engine. Be sure that all gaskets and o-rings are removed with the cooler.xd144 egr delete pic 061

Step 16: Replace intake manifold bolts and torque to 120 (in-lbs.).

Step 17: Remove factory up-pipe: From underneath the passenger side of the truck remove the 2 bolts holding the up-pipe to the exhaust manifold. Once the bottom bolts have been removed, from the topside of the engine, loosen and remove bolts from factory up-pipe behind the heat shield.xd144 egr delete pic 063xd144 egr delete pic 064

Step 18: Install XDP EGR Delete Up-pipe with new gasket provided using the supplied hardware. (Gasket on top side)

Step 19: Install the 3/4” silicone hose on the ¾” 180 degree Stainless steel coolant tube provided. Loosely install hose clamps.xd144 egr delete pic 066

Step 20: Grease the EGR Cooler adapter o-ring. Place into intake manifold. Finger tighten the two longer factory cooler mounting bolts. The third smaller bolt can be discarded.xd144 egr delete pic 069

Step 21: Tighten billet adapter bolts to 120 (in-lbs.), while tightening make sure the o-ring stays in place and alignment is correct. Be sure not to over torque the bolts. Slide hose over the oil cooler nipple and tighten both hose clamps snugly.

Step 22: Remove factory EGR Valve from intake manifold and install XDP Aluminum block-off plate, use existing bolts and Torque to 120 (in-lbs.).

Step 23: Reinstall turbo, all intake and exhaust tubes including down pipe, alternator, shroud, wires etc. in reverse order from steps 3 to 17.

Step 24: Refill with new coolant, use manufacturer recommended and mix according to label.

Step 25: You are now ready to test your XDP EGR delete kit. Start engine and run till coolant circulates. Top off coolant system if needed. Make a close inspection for any coolant leaks or oil leaks.

Note: If vehicle throws a code or check engine light consider leaving factory EGR valve in place (05 models only). Alternatively, on 05-07 model years aftermarket tuning can be used to avoid any trouble codes. Contact XDP for details

 Purchase the XDP 6.0L Complete EGR Delete Kit Here!

3 thoughts on “XDP’s Ford 6.0L Complete EGR Delete Installation

  1. A question for clarity. I”m taking my engine/EGR apart for a delete kit and oil cooler. All things I read when they refer to the “UpPipe”, it’s the Driver side pipe, the “DownPipe” is on the passenger side, except here you refer to the UpPipe and say undo it on the Passenger side. Any reason for that? I’m a very UnKnowledgable home mechanic and something little like this just throws me off enough to confuse me.
    Other than that, GREAT Picture step by step presentation. Wish I could print it and hang it under my engine hood while i’m working. My garage is to far away from my house for my laptop to get wifi or i’d take it out there.
    Oh, have you a step by step of the Oil Cooler and/or a coolant filter add-on?
    Thanks Much

    • Air enters the system through the air filter where particles are removed from the air. The air filter has a filter minder on it to warn the operator of a restricted air filter. • The filtered air is then directed past the crankcase ventilation system where crankcase vapors and fresh air are mixed. • After mixing with crankcase vapors the fresh air mixture is drawn into the turbocharger compressor where it is compressed and sent to the charge air cooler (CAC). The CAC condenses the air by cooling it then the air returns to the engine through the intake manifold. • The intake manifold directs the air to the intake ports of the cylinder heads. • The burned air fuel mixture is pushed out of the cylinder into the exhaust manifold which collects the exhaust gases and routes through the up-pipes and into to the turbocharger turbine wheel. (The exhaust up-pipe, connected to the passenger side exhaust manifold has a passage that connects it to the exhaust gas recirculation (EGR) cooler. This is what is typically blocked or replaced with a new up-pipe during an EGR delete.) • The exhaust gases that are routed to the turbocharger turbine and into the downpipe leading to the exhaust system.

      Click Here for a printable PDF of the EGR delete install!

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