2013 Diesel Power Challenge Competitor List

The 2013 Diesel Power Challenge is upon us. With only a few days left to prepare, the competitors must soon hit the road to make it to Denver for Monday, May 6th.

The following is the list of competitors that will come out and battle for a chance to be crowned king of the 2013 Diesel Power Challenge.

David Heafner: ’99 F-250
Matthew Doyle: ’11 F-250
Wesley Beech: ’08 F-250
Erik Clausen: ’08 F-250 (Returning Champ)

Tony Rizzi: ’04 GMC Sierra 3500
Shilo Ellingford: ’06 Chevy Silverado 2500
Willie Lewis: ’08 Chevy Silverado 2500

Banean Woosley: ’05 Dodge Ram 2500
Chris Hillison: ’04 Dodge Ram 2500
Paul Cato: ‘07.5 Dodge Ram 2500

Remember to follow XDP on Twitter and check our Facebook often for live updates during the event.
Image(Pictured: 2012 DPC Champion Erik Clausen on the dyno.)

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