Wet Weather Dampens Diesel Enthusiasts

The National Hot Rod Diesel Association hosted the season’s second event this weekend in sunny Gainesville Florida. Nearly 1,000 diesel enthusiasts, spectators, and competitors attended this event with hopes to see some of the industry’s best competition go head to head. Last years beautiful weather brought some of diesel motor sports most impressive race and show trucks, but unfortunately this years rain halted racing before it could begin at the Gainesville Raceway.

The weather, however, didn’t stop the spectators and diesels from making the best of their Saturday afternoon. Although the rain put an end to all racing, enthusiast made their way from the stands and gathered under tents for shelter to check out some of the best XDP has to offer. We were excited to see some familiar faces back at the track for the second year in a row and just as excited to meet some new.

I’d like to give a big thanks to MBRP for all of their support over the weekend. Although the weather may have put a damper on what was sure to be an awesome weekend, we look forward to our next NHRDA event and hope to see you there!

Rain on XDP Diesel Exhaust Tip

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