NHRDA Big Sky Truck Fest


This past weekend XDP headed to Billings, Montana for round 8 of the NHRDA event schedule. The event took place at Yellowstone Dragstrip in Acton, Montana, about 20 minutes north of Billings. This was a 2 day event, with sled pulls taking place Friday night, and drag racing taking place Saturday. There were storms in the area all day Friday, but thankfully it did not affect the sled pulls from happening. Saturday was beautiful clear day, a slight breeze and highs of mid 70’s, absolutely perfect for racing.

The next NHRDA event will take place September 30th-October 1st in Ennis, TX for the World Finals. Join XDP next for the 20th annual Scheid Diesel Extravaganza at the Wabash County Fairgrounds in Terre Haute. Indiana. This is a 3 day event taking place August 26-28 and is one of, if not the largest diesel event in the country.

Industrial Injection Diesel Showdown

industrial815This past weekend XDP headed to Rocky Mountain Raceways in Salt Lake City, Utah for the Industrial Injection Diesel Showdown. It was a 1 day event on Friday starting at 5pm and running until 10pm. Several thousand people showed up to watch as some of the fastest diesel powered vehicles in the world battled each other for first place in their class.

Big news from this event is that Team XDP driver Anthony Reams was able to run an 8.85et at 156mph!  This puts him as the only Super Street truck to go into the 8’s in the 1/4 mile. Unfortunately, he was only able to make one pass at the event. After his first pass of 8.85, he started having trans issues. The converter started locking up when you put the truck into drive and stalling the engine out. He came there to run in the 8’s and that’s what he did, so it was still mission accomplished. Hopefully Anthony is able to get the truck ready to go for the next event that takes place this weekend in Montana.

XDP will be headed next to Yellowstone Dragstrip in Billings, Montana for the NHRDA Big Sky Truck Fest. The last NHRDA event Anthony set the Super Street record at 9.15et. After his run of 8.85 this past weekend in Utah, if he is able to get the truck ready for Montana, we should hopefully see another Super Street record be broken!

2016 RLC Rocky Top Diesel Shootout


Over the weekend XDP journeyed back out to the wonderful state of Tennessee for the 2016 Rocky Top Diesel Shootout presented by RLC Motorsports. The two-day action packed event was a stop for the Outlaw Diesel Super Series (ODSS) and the Pro Pulling League (PPL) as well so it was sure to draw a large crowd.

The event kicked off on Friday afternoon with drag racing test-n-tune and host of venders set up to showcase the latest and greatest parts in the high performance diesel industry. Saturday was crammed with a multitude of events such as: drag racing, sled pulling, and a dyno competition. As with Friday, numerous venders were present to show their support, chat with customers and check out the races.

Drag racing began on Saturday around 10:00 AM and included the following classes: E.T., 7.70, 6.70, Pro Street, Pro Mod and Pro Dragster. As the racing was wrapping up around 4:00 PM, everyone packed up and headed a short while down the road to the fairgrounds to watch the sled pulling. At 7:00 PM on the dot the first truck entered the track, hooked to the sled, and made the first pull of the night. The grandstands were packed elbow to elbow all night with eager and excited fans. The sled pulling classes included: 2.6, 3.0 and Superstock Diesel.

Overall, we at XDP had a great time at the event and look forward to returning next year to show our support. We would like to thank everyone over at RLC for hosting such a great event, we had a blast!
Look for XDP at our next event: https://www.xtremediesel.com/events.aspx
ODSS Results: http://www.outlawdieselss.com/#!results-from-past-events/c185
PPL Results: http://www.propulling.com/results


2016 Keystone Diesel Nationals


This past weekend, the XDP Crew spent some time in Mohnton, PA for the 2016 Keystone Diesel Nationals. To say the least, it was a hot one! But, the day was a success with an excellent turnout. Tons of diesel enthusiasts came out to support the event and take in the scenery of Show Trucks, Race Trucks, Big Rigs and more!

The drag racing portion of the event is always a fan favorite. With several big rigs dipping in the low teens, it’s easy to see why it’s so impressive watching a purpose built hauler screaming down the track. As always, the pickups were putting on a show with a wide range of trucks from daily drivers to all out race trucks filling out the field. We also can’t forget the jet powered dragster on-site that made a ground shaking pass.

The Show N’ Shine is also one to mention. What an awesome turnout! We got to see pickups, and big rids, from all over the east coast. With everything in attendance from daily drivers, to full company fleets, we can greatly appreciate and respect the work, time, dedication, and craftsmanship that goes into keeping these show trucks in perfect shape. 

To put a closing on a great weekend, our very own Dave Radzierez put on a show for the crowd in the XDP Diesel Powered Monster Truck.  Flying high, and crushing cars is what Dave does best. As always, Dave’s never one to disappoint, like the rest of Team XDP they go out to hit it hard and put on a show.

All in all we had a great weekend in Pennsylvania. Thanks to all our fans who stopped by the XDP Tent to support us. Look for us next weekend (7/29-7/30) in Crossville, TN for the Outlaw Diesel Super Series – Rock Top Diesel Shootout 3.


Team XDP Racing sets world record!



This past weekend XDP and the XDP Racing Team headed to Gateway Motorsports Park in Madison, Illinois for the NHRDA Midwest Truckin’ Nationals. This was a one day event combining sled pulls, dyno, and drag racing.

This was a “hometown” event of sorts for Team XDP drag truck driver Anthony Reams. Anthony grew up in Missouri and lives about an hour west of St. Louis. With a bunch of his family and friends in attendance to watch the race, he knew it was a big day and needed to perform well. Anthony has been in the chase for the Super Street World record all season. With multiple passes surpassing the world record already this season, the next goal was to back the time up within 1% to secure the record.

After a Super Street win in Denver, but being unable to set the record, it was time to secure the record in front of the home crowd. His first qualifying pass of the day was cut short due to some infamous Dodge “death wobble” occurring. The truck was towed back to the pits and inspected to make sure nothing was broken. After inspection and confirming everything was a go, he headed out for his 2nd qualifying run of the day. In his 2nd pass he ran 9.17 @153mph, setting him up as the #1 qualifier and another chance to secure the Super Street record. Because he was the # 1 qualifier, he was able to have 2 “bye” rounds and head straight to the finals. In the finals Anthony met Chris Buhidar and his Cummins powered Ford for the Super Street title.  Unfortunately for Anthony and Team XDP, Chris was able to execute an absolute perfect run and defeat Anthony in the final round. Chris ran 9.02 @ 152.5 mph and Anthony ran 9.15 @ 151.9. Chris was able to just get Anthony off the line which was the difference in the race. The good news is, Anthony was able to back up his first run within 1% and set a new Super Street ET world record!

Congratulations to Team XDP Racing and Anthony Reams on their new Super Street world record of 9.15et.  Team XDP Racing thanks all those who follow and support the team, especially our sponsors BD Diesel Performance, MBRP, AirDog, EDGE, ARP, AFE Power, and Auto Meter.

Bloomsburg 4 Wheel Jamboree

The Bloomsburg 4 Wheel Jamboree is an action-packed three-day event where passionate off-road and truck enthusiasts of all kinds meet to show off their rigs. If you have never been to a Jamboree, you are seriously missing out! The XDP crew was there along with our Diesel Powered Monster Truck and Rat Rod to represent our industry.

Even with a hard down-pour Saturday afternoon, there certainly was no shortage of XDP fans of all ages who stopped by to pick up XDP merchandise while showing their love and support for all things XDP, from the XDP Diesel Monster Truck to the XDP Rat Rod.

Our very own Dave Radzierez set out to put on a show for the XDP Monster Truck fans in the audience during Saturday’s early freestyle competition. The sound of “fully spooled Turbos” from our Cummins powered Monster Truck had fans on the edge of their seats while  Dave showed off its brute power, launching the truck 20+ feet off a jump. Dave experienced a hard off-camber landing on the left rear tire, resulting in a broken and bent driver’s side rear frame section which caused the team to miss Saturday night’s show.  This was the kind of carnage that would put any Monster Truck out of commission for the rest of the weekend… but not the XDP Race Team! Lucky for us, we had a secret weapon. The builder/owner of the XDP Rat Rod and member of Team XDP, Frank Mohr! Through sheer hard-work and determination, Dave and his team, along with Frank Mohr’s fabrication and welding skills, relentlessly worked all day and night on the injured truck. Fans, not knowing the condition of the truck, came by to express their concern, asking for details and hoping to see the truck back out there. The suspense was brutal!

On Sunday, the thunderous sound of high-powered engines shook the ground as the Monster trucks fired up and headed to the track for the final 3:00pm event. One by one, the trucks drove out to the grand stands. Fans assumed that Dave and the XDP Monster Truck would not be joining them after missing Saturday night’s event but once they saw that black and yellow body, the stands went wild with excitement. All the hard work put in to get the Monster Truck to get ready for Sunday was worth it for the fans! We thank you all for the support!

Join us for Waterfest 22 July 16-17, 2016 and don’t forget to mark your calendars July 23rd for the 4th annual Keystone Diesel Nationals!

2016 Fleece Performance Diesel Showdown


This past weekend we at XDP had a chance to take a trip out to Indianapolis, IN for the 2016 Fleece Performance Diesel Showdown. Fleece Performance (http://fleeceperformance.com/) like many of you know offers some of the best turbochargers and fuel system parts within the diesel industry. Like their parts, the event was of the same quality and was a real crowd pleaser. The day began in the early afternoon with numerous fans pouring into the area, checking out the vendors, grabbing a good seat at the pulling track, and overall, just enjoying the day.

The highlight of the show was the sled pulling event which was a Pro Pulling League (PPL) stop. Some of the biggest names in the sled pulling world were present, ready to give it all for a spot on top. The pulling went deep into the night with diehard fans staying till the very end.

Overall, we at XDP had a great time at the event and cannot wait to come back to the great state of Indiana to show our support again. We would like to thank all of the fans for stopping by the booth and showing your support. We would also like to thank Fleece Performance for putting on such a great event, we had a blast!

Sled Pulling Results: http://www.propulling.com/results