Rudy’s Diesel 2015 Season Opener

Rudy's Season Opener

This past weekend XDP had the opportunity to attend Rudy’s Diesel Performance season opener. The two day event was packed with a host of venders, diesel drag racing, sled pulling, show-n-shine, burn out contest and many other great activities. The show started off with excellent weather, eager fans and determined racers. As the gates opened fans flooded the area speaking with vendors, checking out the racers and having a good old time. As the day progressed, drag racing and sled pulling dominated the afternoon with numerous high horsepower truck competing to come out on top. After completion of the drag racing and dyno pulls the sled pulling track was prepped and ready for action. The sled pulling went into the night with many dedicated pulling truck giving it their all for a spot on top.

Unfortunately, Saturday the weather did not hold out and rain fell throughout the day. However, this did not keep fans from staying and supporting the event. Despite the poor weather on Saturday the event was a great season opener and we (like always) look forward to the event next year. Look for XDP at our next event in Lima, OH at the 30th annual 4-Wheel Jamboree. XDP would like to thank everyone who stopped by the booth to show their support and for Rudy’s Diesel for hosting such a great event!

2015 NHRDA Texas Diesel Nationals

2015-04-13 16.51.18

XDP joined the NHRDA in Ennis,TX this past weekend for the Texas Diesel Nationals at the Texas Motorplex for diesel drag racing and sled pulling action. The day started out cool and overcast and there were fears that the event may not happen. Thankfully the skies cleared around noon, the sun came out, and the temps rose to about  75 degress. Perfect weather for spectators, vendors, and racers. Drag racing started around 10am and lasted until almost 5 pm. Drag racing was supposed to end around 3pm, but was delayed due to several track cleanups from broken down trucks.

Jarid Vollmer broke another record in his Bully Dog sponsored Cummins powered drag truck. Jarred ran an 8.51et at 159mph which is a new record for the Pro Street class. Winning the pro stock class was of course Ryan Milliken in his MBRP sponsored 1941 Willys duramax powered drag car, dubbed “The Batmobile”. Ryan seems to be unbeatable in the pro stock class in his G&J Diesel built Willys. Overall it was a great show and XDP looks forward to coming back to Ennis for the World Finals in October.

Join XDP next in Lima, OH at the Allen County Fairgrounds for the Lucas Oil 4 wheel Jamboree. Next NHRDA event will be Diesels on the Mountain on May 29th and 30th in Denver CO.

Here is a full list of the results for drag racing and sled pulls at the Texas Diesel Nationals:

MBRP Performance ExhaustDiesel Drag Racing Results
Class Vehicle Name City State ET MPH RT
Pro Stock Winner 1941 Willys Ryan Milliken Navarre FL 8.28 177.23 0.222
Pro Stock R/U 2006 Chevy Brian Spooner Lloydminster SK Broke
Pro Stock #1 Qual 1941 Willys Ryan Milliken Navarre FL 10.74 177.23
Pro Stock Low ET 1941 Willys Ryan Milliken Navarre FL 8.28
Pro Stock Top Speed 1941 Willys Ryan Milliken Navarre FL 177.23
Pro Street Winner 2007 Dodge Jarid Vollmer Chubbuck ID 8.56 159.08 0.585
Pro Sreet R/U 2005 Ranger Matt Kubik Newkirk OK 9.36 146.65 0.196
Pro Street #1 Qual 2007 Dodge Jarid Vollmer Chubbuck ID 8.51 159.51
Pro Street Low ET 2007 Dodge Jarid Vollmer Chubbuck ID 8.51
Pro Street Top Speed 2007 Dodge Jarid Vollmer Chubbuck ID 159.51
Super Street Winner 2000 Ford Chris Buhidor San Antonio TX 24.38 48.60 1.427
Super Street R/U 2006 Chevy Wade Minter Maxpearl TX Broke
Super Street #1 Qualify 2002 GMC Brian Chandler Helozes TX 10.01 139.70
Super Street Low ET 2002 GMC Brian Chandler Helozes TX 10.01
Super Street Top Speed 2005 Dodge Dan Hair Navarre FL 143.31
10.90 Index Winner 2006 Dodge Phillip Franklin San Antonio TX 10.90 11.12 0.190 115.46
10.90 Index R/U 2001 Dodge Chris Perales Floresville TX 10.90 11.60 0.072 122.51
10.90 Index #1 Qualifier 2004 Dodge Tyrel Triesch Ingram TX 11.91
Super Diesel Winner 2005 GMC Dan Weaver Orange TX 11.90 11.92 0.197 99.47
Super Diesel R/U 2011 Ford Christopher Alaniz San Antonio TX 11.90 11.99 0.170 110.08
Super Diesel #1 Qualifier 2001 Dodge Brett Duke Streetman TX 11.90 11.91
Sportsman Winner 2008 Chevy Scott McKinstry Keller TX 13.15 13.27 0.107 102.83
Sportsman R/U 2001 Ford Robin Ridgeway Lafayette IN 16.00 16.10 0.156 84.20
#1 Qualifier 2008 Chevy Scott McKinstry Keller TX 0.031
NHRDA Sled Pulling Series Results
Class Vehicle Name City State Distance
Super Stock Winner 2003 Dodge Jason Stott Rock Springs WY 244.06
3.0 Class Winner 1994 Dodge Jim Greenway Nixa MO 364.06
3.0 Class 2nd Place 1997 Dodge Chris Ryan Zephyer TX 346.04
3.0 Class 3rd Place 2005 Chevy Dan Clarke Marengo IL 326.10
2.6 Class Winner 2007 Dodge Jim Greenway Nixa MO 359.03
2.6 Class 2nd Place 2005 Chevy Dan Clarke Marengo IL 345.09
2.6 Class 3rd Place 1997 Dodge Chris Ryan Zephyer TX 345.08
2.5 Class Winner 2012 Dodge Elizabeth Stott Rock Springs WY 310.02
Work Stock Winner 2001 Chev Karissa McAdams Castroville CA 305.04
Work Stock 2nd Place 2012 Dodge Elizabeth Stott Rock Springs WY 302.59
Work Stock 3rd Place 2011 Dodge Richard Matt Jr. Bakersfield CA 301.53
Burnout Contests and Show n Shine Winners
Vehicle Name City State
Burnout Contest 2006 Chevy Zachary Gadwaw Kileen TX
Show n Shine 1943 Dodge Rat Rod Jeremy Wamsley Victoria TX

2015 NHRDA Racing Season is here!


It is finally here, the 2015 racing season has begun! The  NHRDA kicked off its 2015 race season at Famoso Raceway in Bakersfield California. This years event was broken up into 2 days. Day 1 featured sled pulls, and day 2 featured drag racing and a dyno event. This is the 2nd year the NHRDA has come to Bakersfield. This year was another successful year like last year with large crowds gathering in the stands to watch diesel racing action. XDP looks forward to coming back to Bakersfield for years to come.

Join XDP next month in Ennis, TX for the NHRDA Texas Diesel Nationals at the Texas Motorplex as the NHRDA race season continues.

NHRDA Spring Diesel Nationals Race Results:

Drag Racing:

MBRP Performance Exhaust – Diesel Drag Racing Results
Class Vehicle Name City State ET MPH RT
Pro Stock Winner Batmobile Ryan Milliken Navarre FL 9.63 131.88 0.407
Pro Stock #1 Qual Batmobile Ryan Milliken Navarre FL 9.63
Pro Stock Low ET Batmobile Ryan Milliken Navarre FL 9.63
Pro Stock Top Speed Batmobile Ryan Milliken Navarre FL 131.88
Super Street Winner 2003 Dodge Daniel Pierce Big Spring TX 9.22 152.68 0.211
Super Street R/U 2002 GMC Rob Coddens Eagle ID 10.41 132.78 0.268
Super Street #1 Qualify 2003 Dodge Daniel Pierce Big Spring TX 9.63 144.55
Super Street Low ET 2003 Dodge Daniel Pierce Big Spring TX 9.22
Super Street Top Speed 2003 Dodge Daniel Pierce Big Spring TX 152.68
10.90 Index Winner 2003 Chevy Brian Bauman Flagstaff AZ 10.90 11.51 0.188 108.39
10.90 Index R/U 2007 Dodge Adam Aquine Sunnyvale CA 10.90 11.75 0.268 113.76
10.90 Index #1 Qualifier 2007 Dodge Adam Aquine Sunnyvalle CA 11.81
Super Diesel Winner 2007 Dodge Jay Lych Coiticy CA 11.90 12.52 0.405 107.50
Super Diesel R/U 1930 Ford Larry Stawn Redding CA 11.90 12.41 0.584 106.93
Super Diesel #1 Qualifier 1984 Blazer Steve McConnachie Hemet CA 11.95
Sportsman Winner 2006 Chevy Matt Ray Central Point OR 13.98 14.00 0.171 95.27
Sportsman R/U 2005 Chevy Bradley Roberts Davis CA 13.26 13.32 0.162 102.03
#1 Qualifier 2002 GMC Josh Dutra Hollister CA 0.020

Sled Pull Results:

Class Vehicle Name City State Distance
Super Stock Winner 2003 Dodge Jason Stott Rock Springs WY 111.14
3.0 Class Winner 2006 Dodge Nick Adamson American Falls ID 357.13
3.0 Class 2nd Place 2002 GMC John Esteves Oakdale CA 324.54
2.5 Class Winner 2012 Dodge Eizabeth Stott Rock Springs WY 304.83
2.5 Class 2nd Place 2002 Dodge John Taormina San Jose CA 296.78
2.5 Class 3rd Place 2003 Dodge Jared Balinger Paicines CA 295.06
Burnout Contests and Show n Shine Winners
Vehicle Name City State
Burnout Contest 1984 Chevy Alex Torres Tulare CA
Dyno Winner 2006 AJ Munger
Show n Shine 2002 Chevy Danny Walker Las Vegas NV

XDP – Official Parts Supplier for 2015 NHRDA Season!

Marysville, WA. – XDP renews as the Official Parts Supplier for 2015 Championship Season. XDP is a retailer and distributor of quality diesel products designed to complement the Dodge, GM, and Ford lines of diesel pickup trucks. XDP carries an extensive inventory of diesel performance products designed to help you meet whatever your needs may be.

XDP has multiple warehouses with thousands of products in-stock, so they can offer you a better selection, service and price. XDP is a proud supporter of diesel motorsports and your true “One Stop Shop for Diesel Power & Performance”.

From truck owner to shop owner you can count on XDP from the sale through the installation to provide award-winning customer service.

Contact our sales or technical department from 8:30am to 9pm EST, Monday through Friday at 1-888-DIESEL4. XDP is not just another website; we offer you the best price guaranteed, in addition to expert technical support.


The NHRDA is the largest diesel motorsports organization in the world that promotes diesel drag racing, truck pulls, dyno competition, show-n-shine contest and the crowd favorite burnout contests.  The NHRDA has a national point’s championship series that spans across the USA and Canada where the top competitors can qualify to compete at the NHRDA World Finals that is hosted at the Texas Motorplex in October.

Want to join the NHRDA go to and become part of the diesel revolution.

The XDP Monster Truck Goes 3 For 3 On Backflip Attempts!

The 2014 4-Wheel Jamboree season was a special one for the XDP Monster Truck Team, with the 2013 4-Wheel Jamboree Freestyle Championship Title under his belt, our very own Dave Radzierez just had to continue pushing the limits. Thinking and dreaming about what can be done next; Dave and the XDP Monster Truck Team set out to achieve something that is only done by the most elite and daring drivers in the monster truck world, a backflip!

As any true performer would, Dave wanted to put on a show on the largest stages across the country. For him, this meant the 4-Wheel Jamboree Series with events in Missouri, Ohio, Pennsylvania and Indiana. Dave considers these his “World Finals” as each of these events brings in thousands of spectators that fill the grand stands for each and every Monster Truck Show throughout the weekend. Planned as the “Grand Finale”, the XDP Diesel Monster Truck was scheduled to make the backflip attempt each Sunday at the closing of the final Monster Truck show.

Let’s break it down flip-by-flip!

The first backflip took place on 5/18/14 in Lima, Ohio at the 29th Annual Spring 4-Wheel Jamboree Nationals at the Allen County Fairgrounds. Without any prior attempts and being completely unsure of the outcome, Dave strapped in and was ready to go. With an excited crowd cheering him on and the rest of the team anxiously watching, Dave hit the jump AND MADE THE ROTATION!! He did it on the first attempt with no previous practice! It goes without saying that the crowd went wild, while Dave and the teamed basked in the glory of what they just achieved!

The second backflip took place on 6/22/14 in Springfield, MO at the 17th Annual Ozark 4-Wheel Jamboree Nationals. Round 2 went much like the first, but with a faster approach Dave got a more complete rotation sparing the front end of any damage but taking a wheel off on the landing. Just minor carnage for such an awesome feat! Dave quickly backed the truck up, hopped out and got a well-deserved standing ovation from everyone in attendance! Thanks to The Monster for the footage.

By the third backflip, we knew what to expect since Dave and the Team had this elite stunt almost down to a science. Taking place at the 33rd Annual Fall 4-Wheel Jamboree Nationals on 9/28/14 in Indianapolis, Indiana. The XDP Monster Truck completed its 3rd backflip. With a fast, full rotation, the truck quickly made the complete backflip and did it in style with plenty of air between the truck and the ground. On the landing, the rear wheel came off but that’s just small carnage for completing 3 backflips!

The only event not mentioned on the list above was the Summer 4-Wheel Jamboree Nationals in Bloomsburg, PA. A hometown event for Dave and the Crew, he wanted to go “all-out” that weekend. Pushing the truck pretty hard early on caused a catastrophic engine failure that kept us sidelined for the final event. While Dave and the Crew were extremely upset over the ordeal, it matches the saying commonly used around here “that’s motorsports”. Things break, especially at this level of competition. The XDP Crew will surely be back next year and they’ll put on a great show for our Pennsylvania Fans.

There you have it! The play-by-play of the world’s ONLY Diesel Powered Monster Truck to complete 3 full 360-degree backflips! We’d like to congratulate Dave and the XDP Monster Truck Team on an incredible job this year.

We’ll end our 2014 wrap-up with some final words from Dave:
“While I’ve always pushed my limits, I never attempted anything like this before. With no previous practice, I was amazed that I knew exactly where I was and what was going on the entire time. I have to thank Michelle for all her support! Any doubts I had, Michelle (while nervous herself) encouraged me through them. Thanks to all of our Fans that came out to support us in 2014. We look forward to seeing everyone next year!”

4-Wheel Jamboree in Indianapolis


This past weekend the XDP crew hit the road for another exciting trip. This time we traveled to Indianapolis to attend it’s 4-Wheel Jamboree located at the Indiana State Fairgrounds. Every year this large-scale event boasts an enormous performance marketplace consisting of an extensive lineup of vendors and manufactures eager to show off some of their most latest and greatest product developments and releases. Thanks to a very cooperative early season climate, attendees also had the pleasure of choosing to either view or take part in the Jamborees’ show-and-shine which stretched for the entire fairground campus. For the die-hard 4-wheelin’ fanatics, there was plenty of mud-slingin’ carnage to be had during the mud bogs and mud drags that took place throughout the entire weekend. Or, for those of you who just enjoy leaving your signature on the pavement, the Jamboree hosts a wicked burnout contest on it’s final day.

However, for what its worth, we personally look the most forward to showing off our free-style skills during the monster truck events. And this year, like in true XDP fashion, we wore our best game faces and put on a serious show. For the third time in a single year the XDP monster truck demonstrated to the world what determination and perseverance matched with an overwhelming amount of diesel power can accomplish. Please join us in congratulating Dave Radzierez, driver of the XDP monster truck, on his safe and successful completion of yet another monster truck back-flip. Because when the smoke from his stack finally clears, after the dirt settles back to the ground, and when all four (or three) attached wheels are on the track, it truly is “all about Dave.”

If you missed the Jamboree this year be sure to add it to your calendar for the next. Not only do we love having our fans come out to support us from the bleachers but we also enjoy meeting our customers face-to-face. For updates about where we’ll be next, follow us on Facebook or visit our website and click on “XDP Events” for a complete listing of scheduled happenings.

2014 XDP Open House


2014 marked the 5th year of the XDP Open House, as this event goes on it gets bigger and better each and every year. With feedback from Fans and manufacturers alike, we’ve been able to constantly fine tune the details to make it even more enjoyable for everyone!

On Sunday morning, we couldn’t ask for better weather. The sun was shining and the temperature was perfect! The entry line quickly filled with our Fans as they came off the shuttle busses put in place to solve the parking issues of years past. At around 11AM, the “gates” opened and the attendees were given food tickets and a schedule of the day’s events. Hundreds entered, quickly filling the XDP Property.

With some extra room this year, the XDP Monster Truck was parked in some newly cleared space on top of a car it crushed earlier in the morning. We even had hand selected show trucks driven in by our customers for display. The manufacturer midway took up almost all the pavement with the biggest names in the industry such as Edge Products, K&N, Industrial Injection, AFE Power, Magnaflow and MORE!

After selling out almost all the dyno spots, we wasted no time bringing trucks in to start spinning the rollers. With several trucks over the 700HP+ range, we knew there would be some good competition. We even had a few max out the torque number on the dyno! While the top horsepower number was made by a Cummins, several Duramax and Ford trucks had their time to shine and put down very respectable numbers.

Inside the building, we had a jam-packed showroom of our local fans looking for the best deal on products for their trucks, while also talking with the manufacturers inside showing of their latest products. Let’s not forget about the 2014 Harley Davidson Softail Slim also on display that XDP, Edge Products and Superchips teamed up to give away that afternoon.

Later in the day, the famous announcement everyone wanted to hear was made- THE FOOD IS DONE! This bought the spectators over to the food setup, where they had their choice of various grilled items. Not to be to be outdone by the biggest treat every year, the hog roast! The BBQ crew was serving up fresh pulled pork sandwiches to all those in attendance.

For the kids, we even had a coloring contest where children would pick their choice of an XDP Race Vehicle to color and be entered to win a free t-shirt. As a family friendly event, we even have special deserts for the kids. The Kona Ice truck handed out custom flavored snow cones served in limited edition XDP/AFE commemorative cups.

After the deals were given out, the food was eaten and the dyno was run, it was time for our Open House raffles! The raffle prizes amount to literally thousands in free giveaways. Thanks again to our supporting manufacturers we had over 20 separate prizes!

The grand finale of course was the 2014 Harley Davidson Softail Slim. XDP, Edge Products and Superchips teamed up to give away the bike to one lucky customer. Every Edge Product purchased over $250 was an automatic entry to win the bike. Our retail finalist was flown in and put up in a hotel courtesy of Edge Products, the wholesale finalist also got the same experience courtesy of XDP. The Open House finalist was picked the day of, through the raffle tickets entered at the event.

Down to the final moment, there were 3 keys and only 1 of them could start the bike. The first picked by the retail finalist didn’t turn the ignition. The second picked by the Open House finalist WAS A MATCH! In just two tries the winner of the bike had been announced and that had concluded the event.  Congratulations to George Stillwell on winning the 2014 Harley Davidson Softail Slim!

The 2014 XDP Open House could not have gone any better. XDP would like to thank all of our Fans in attendance, and the manufacturers that came from all over North America to support us this weekend. We look forward to seeing you all next year at the 2015 XDP Open House!

Dyno Results:

Overall Highest HP Winner:

Andy M. – 2005 Dodge Ram 2500 – 1107HP & 1500 Ft-Lbs (maxed out dyno tq #)

Dodge Winner:

Andy M. – 2005 Dodge Ram 2500 – 1107HP & 1500 Ft-Lbs (maxed out dyno tq #)

GM Winner:

Steve T. – 2005 GMC – 953HP & 1452 Ft-Lbs

Ford Winner:

Mike – Ford F-350 – 880HP & 1295 Ft-lbs.