Record crowd joins XDP in Ennis TX for Round Two of NHRDA Season!

XDP heads to Ennis TX for Round 2 of 2014 NHRDA season


XDP was happy to be back in Texas for round two of the NHRDA season at the Texas Diesel Nationals in Ennis on Saturday. The Texas Diesel Nationals is always a great event because it usually draws some of the largest crowds of any of the NHRDA events. This rang true on Saturday with a record crowd in attendance.

The XDP booth was slammed all day with longtime customers dropping by to say hello and new customers ordering parts for their trucks. The weather was great, other than a relentless wind gusting to over 30mph causing difficulty keeping vendor displays in place and buffeting drivers on the top side of the track. At least there weren’t any torrential downpours or tornado watches like we experienced last fall during World Finals. Other than mangled easy up tents the show and racing continued on without issue. Results for drag racing and sled pulling as posted by NHRDA were as follows…: (as posted by NHRDA)

Drag Racing Results: (as posted by NHRDA)

In Top Diesel John Robinson’s Funny Car won with a 7.123 at 191.24.

In Pro Stock Ryan Milliken repeated his Spring Diesel Nationals victory with his 2nd win in a row here in Texas. Ryan’s final round was full of excitement when his steering wheel came off during the burnout, but the Florida driver simply put the wheel back on, backed up, and ran a 8.889 at 151.05 mph in the final.

Jarid Vollmer’s Bully Dog Dodge ran six thousandths of a second under his current national record in Pro Street on the way to his 2nd win of the young 2014 season, but the Idaho driver was unable to run quick enough in the final round to back the time up for a new national record. He defeated Matt Kubik, who was unable to make the call for the final.

Chris Buhidar from San Antonio won in Super Street over Spring Branch Texas based Randy Strey, 10.419 to Strey’s 10.868. In Super Diesel Joshua Harris fan favorite Full Size Chevrolet Van defeated number one qualifier John Daffis 11.996 to 11.956 with a better reaction time.

And in Sportsman Trey Sikes, who competed in Bakersfield CA after driving all the way from hometown Hamlet South Carolina in his VW TDI Wagon, then drove all the way back to Hamlet for work, then drove out here to Ennis to race, ran a perfect 16.400 on his 16.40 dial in in the final to defeat Charles Meaux’s 2007 Chevy Duramax.

Sled Pulling Results: (as posted by NHRDA)

Joshua Deeter won both the NHRDA 3.0 Diesel and the Super Stock Diesel sled pull classes in convincing fashion at the 7th Annual NHRDA Texas Diesel Nationals at the Texas Motorplex.

In 3.0 Diesel Deeter’s pulled measured 326.11 feet, followed by a 326.03 effort in Super Stock Diesel.

In 2.6 Diesel Darvin Bradley, from Mineral Wells, TZX won with a pull of 310.04, followed by Buck Hyndam’s 306.05.

A special thanks to Harald from BD Power, Nick and Jesse from MBRP, Anthony from Airdog, and several other exhibiting manufacturers for their strong support at this event. XDP looks forward to coming back to Ennis Texas in October for the NHRDA World Finals. Meanwhile, we’ll keep the biggest NHRDA season yet going as XDP heads to round three in Georgia for the South East Truckin Nationals on May 3rd!

XDP heads West for the 2014 NHRDA Season Opener!

XDP at NHRDA bakersfield_Allen

     Maybe it was the long cold winter we’ve all had. Or maybe it was the rain we fought at many races last season.  Regardless, the off-season is tough on us race fans. So XDP and many other West Coast Diesel racing fans were excited to kick off the 2014 NHRDA Diesel Drag Race Series in sunny Bakersfield California last Saturday at Historic Famoso Raceway.  Plus with XDP’s two locations, one being in Las Vegas, it meant we could easily drive to Bakersfield for the event.

As racing picked up throughout Saturday morning, so did the crowd which continued to flow into the raceway and onto vendor alley most of the morning.  By midday the XDP booth was busy answering questions and interacting with fans. The weather was beautiful for racing, with clear skies and the sun out in full force .  The NHRDA kicked competition off with drag racing in many classes which raced throughout the day.  As the racing went on there were some great head to head battles and fast times, a clear indication that many had successfully completed their winter build projects.

Meanwhile, others tested their off-season upgrades on the dyno to see what kind of numbers their truck could lay down.  Many came off the rollers and headed to the track to back the dyno numbers up and to gather more data to help with any early season tuning still needed.  After a day of racing the event turned to sled pulling.  The interest and growing popularity for sled pulling was clear as the amount of spectators seemed to grow when the pulling got started.  The pulls began with stock trucks, then onto the modified trucks, closing out with full on tube chassis and tractor sled pulling. This was a great way to end the day of racing as families gathered together eagerly looking on to see who would pull the furthest.  If Saturday was any indication, this looks like it is going to be a great season and XDP looks forward to seeing everyone at the next NHDRA event in Ennis Texas on April 12th!

XDP’s Ford 6.4L EGR Delete Installation

The XDP 6.4L EGR Delete Kit is designed to completely replace the Exhaust Gas Recirculation system (EGR) found on your 6.4L Powerstroke equipped Ford Super Duty. The factory EGR system has proven to be problematic. Upon failure, EGR coolers can cause severe engine damage when coolant is introduced into the intake.


Eliminating your 6.4L’s EGR system will allow your engine to run better and cleaner while increasing overall reliability. Manufactured in the USA from CNC machined billet aluminum and stainless steel for a lifetime of use.

*Off-road tuning required*

dps install pics 006

Step 1: Center your steering wheel making sure your front wheels are facing straight.

Step 2: Disconnect both batteries.

Step 3: Drain coolant from the reservoir.

dps install pics 014

Step 4: Remove 3/8” return hose from the upper EGR cooler and degas bottle.

dps install pics 019dps install pics 020

dps install pics 021dps install pics 022

dps install pics 024
Step 5: Remove the upper radiator hose clip and pull the hose loose from the radiator.

dps install pics 023
Step 6: Remove the driver side inner fender liner.

dps install pics 008
Step 7: Remove the driver side battery, battery tray and coolant tank assembly. (Be sure to remove vacuum hose from bottom of assembly. This hose must be reinstalled for the vacuum system to work properly.)
Step 8: Remove the remainder of the upper radiator hose by removing the clip from the thermostat housing. (If the hose is black where it attaches to the thermostat housing, it’s recommended to have this piece replaced with the newer white hose that utilizes two O-rings to seal as opposed to one.)

dps install pics 074 Step 9: Remove hose clamps and unhook the EGR cooler temp sensor B (EGRTB).

dps install pics 030dps install pics 032dps install pics 034dps install pics 036dps install pics 033

Step 10: Loosen the upper intercooler tube so it can be easily moved to the side of the boot. (You will not have to remove entire intercooler tube.)

dps install pics 038

Step 11: Remove the upper EGR cooler to intake elbow bolts, remove the band clamp nuts, remove cooler to cooler nuts and pry apart the studs. (It may be necessary to remove the studs from the lower cooler due to clearance issues in removing the upper cooler.)

dps install pics 040dps install pics 042dps install pics 044Step 12: Remove the cooler (Twist and pull upward on the cooler while holding the intercooler tube back and out-of-the-way.)

dps install pics 046
Step 13: Remove the plastic coolant Y-pipe from the front engine cover (This coolant pipe can be very brittle and must be reinstalled later on in the instructions. It’s not mandatory to remove the coolant Y-pipe, but recommended to ease the removal of the lower ERG cooler.)
Step 14: Remove the upper EGR cooler hose and steel line from front cover and discard.

dps install pics 050 Step 15: Re¬move the upper EGR cooler cast iron mounting bracket.

dps install pics 047 Step 16: Remove the nut that holds the dipstick down.

Step 17: Remove the steering shaft bolt and slide the shaft rearward back up into the cab.

dps install pics 053Step 18: Loosen and remove the nuts from the lower cooler band clamps.
Step 19: Remove or cut free the lower rear cooler hose. (No longer used)
Step 20: Remove the two 10mm lower EGR cooler bolts from exhaust extension tube.

dps install pics 051Step 21: Free the dipstick tube and push the dipstick tube towards the driver’s side of the steering shaft.
Step 22: Pull cooler upward and out toward the front of the engine compartment.dps install pics 055
Step 23: Remove the cooler tube from the timing cover. (Remove in one piece)

dps install pics 060dps install pics 057dps install pics 061Step 24: Remove four bolts from the lower mounting bracket in one piece.dps install pics 062Step 25: Install four exhaust manifold bolts provided with the kit and torque to 18ft.lbs.dps install pics 065Step 26: Install exhaust block-off plate with supplied (2) 5/16” x 2 1/4” bolts and (2) 5/16” flange nuts, inspect gas¬ket prior to re-installation. (This gasket is 100% re-useable unless damaged upon removal.)
Step 27: Install coolant plugs where these lines came from, you will reuse the OEM bolts.dps install pics 066Step 28: Install the stud that was removed earlier to properly space the power steering hose from the front accessory drive. This bolt will be run into the front cover until it bottoms out and is slightly snug. You may install a spacer if you desire, but the spacer is not needed. Reinstall the power steering hose clamp to support hose.
Step 29: If removed, reinstall the plastic coolant Y-pipe from (Step 13) into front cover.
Step 30: Reinstall the dipstick tube hold down nut.
Step 31: Reinstall the steering shaft and torque the bolt to 35 ft. lbs. (Loctite is recommended)
Step 32: Reinstall battery box assembly. (Don’t forget to reinstall Vacuum hose on the bottom of the tray)
Step 33: Clean and reconnect the upper intercooler tube.
Step 34: Reinstall Upper radiator hose and clips.
Step 35: Attach coolant hoses to tank. Refill coolant, run the engine and refill after the engine comes up to operating temperature. You will need to check for leaks after your initial test drive as well. Use only OEM approved antifreeze.
Step 36: Check the truck for any diagnostic trouble codes. (Some tuners will require the EGRTB sensor to be plugged into the wiring harness for a code free operation.)dps install pics 071

Purchase the XDP 6.4L Complete EGR Delete Kit Here!

XDP’s Diesel Pickup Nationals


Diesel enthusiasts from all over the Northeast gathered this past Saturday for the first XDP Diesel Pickup Nationals & Fall Food Truck Festival at Old Bridge Township Raceway Park in Englishtown NJ.  The smell of diesel fuel, burning rubber and gourmet food, from some of the nation’s best food trucks, filled the air throughout the event.  The pits began to fill with spectators as trucks filled the parking lots and staging lanes.  Whether you came to take advantage of the once-in-a-lifetime show specials, sample some of the nation’s best food trucks or witness the diesel performance extravaganza, XDP’s Diesel Pickup Nationals was a great show for all to enjoy.



XDP’s truck show brought the areas nicest pickups to one centralized location for all to see. Trophies were awarded to the top trucks in their diesel category, best of show and people’s choice.



The XDP Dyno Challenge brought the spectators to their feet as these daily drivers gave a showdown.




A big thanks goes out to all that attended the event, the staff of Raceway Park, and manufacture support from MBRP & Fuel Offroad for all of their hard work during the event. We’re looking forward to the XDP Jersey Devil Diesel Nationals on November 16th and hope to see you there.

For more details on the XDP Jersey Devil Diesel Nationals Click Here

XDP’s 6.0L Coolant Filtration System Installation

The Ford 6.0L’s poor reputation of failures are most often linked to the OEM engine oil cooler. The coolant that flows through the engine oil cooler often carries debris that can, over time, completely block the cooling channels. When these channels become blocked a pattern of failures have a tendency to follow (leaking EGR cooler, blown head gasket, HPOP failure, overheated engine oil, injector failure).

By installing our XDP 6.0L Coolant Filtration System you’ll extend the life of the engine’s vital components as well and your coolant. This easy installation of pre-assembled high quality silicone hoses gives the engine a fresh new look. The included ball valves are extremely helpful for minimizing coolant loss during filter changes and also provide a shut-off to bypass the system should you ever need it. With just a few basic hand tools, the installation of our XDP coolant filtration system can be done from the comfort of your own home.

Increasing your Ford 6.0L’s dependability is just a few steps away!XD143

Step 1: Relieve the pressure from the coolant system by loosening the radiator fill cap slowly. dps 105

dps 107Step 2: Assemble XDP filter base to bracket with supplied hardware (Do not install filter)

Install ball valves to base using thread sealant.

dps 109

dps 114Step 3: The XDP filter base will be mounted through a stud on the left of the radiator. Find the plastic battery cable retaining clip that is slid over a 10MM stud. This must be removed prior to mounting the bracket. The Mount has a long slender portion which should go between an opening in the plastic intercooler mounting bracket.

(If you have an aftermarket intercooler some modification maybe required.)dps 118

Step 4: Remove radiator return line and keep clamps for later use. (Line from radiator to expansion tank)dps 119

Step 5: Install supplied coolant return hose (3-way hose) to ball valve in base. This hose will install in place of OE hose removed in step 4. This hose will be routed across the fan shroud and installed using the factory clamps. Attach the short end to radiator and long end to the expansion tank.

dps 123

dps 124

dps 121

Step 6: Install coolant supply line (single hose with tee fitting) to ball valve in filter base. Route the hose to your heater supply line located next to alternator on passenger side of vehicle.dps 125

Step 7: Remove factory clamp and insert tee fitting into the factory hose with the supplied section of ¾” silicone hose on the other side of tee. Slide ¾” silicone hose over metal tube.

Step 8: Re‐use Your factory clamp on the same hose it was removed from and use supplied clamps to fasten hose to tee and metal coolant tube. When finished tee fitting will be in-line and plumbing is complete.

dps 128

dps 130

dps 126Step 9: Install supplied coolant filter on base, fill system per Ford specifications and start the truck. Inspect for any leaks, top off coolant as neededdps 137

Note: Do not discard factory coolant return line. In the rare event the system is removed, it will be needed to restore truck to factory specifications.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: How often should I change the coolant filter?

A: Initially, the filter should be changed after 1 month of use. The second and third filter should be changed in 3 month intervals. After that the filter can be changed on a yearly basis.

Q: Where can I find replacement coolant filters?

A: The XDP Coolant Filtration System comes complete with an easy to find, off the shelf Donaldson Coolant Filter part # P554685. The Donaldson P554685 Coolant Filter is available for purchase at XDP.COM.

Purchase the XDP 6.0L Coolant Filtration System Here!

XDP’s Ford 6.0L Complete EGR Delete Installation

Amongst the diesel community there’s a large number of 6.0L Ford Powerstoke engines with EGR problems. The exhaust gas recirculation (EGR) system routes exhaust gases back into the engine to lower nitrogen oxide (NOX) emissions produced by the engine. The EGR systems on the 6.0L’s unfortunately have a bad reputation of failing on both stock and modified trucks. By installing the XDP 6.0L Complete EGR delete your engine will run cleaner and cooler while increasing overall reliability. Below is a step by step installation guide to help you increase your 6.0L’s dependability and performance.

XDP - XD144

Install Tip: We suggest that a rust penetrant is applied liberally beforehand to all exhaust fasteners to ease the disassembly of exhaust components. (Step17)

Step 1: Disconnect Batteries

xd144  egr delete pic 008

Step 2: Drain coolant

xd144  egr delete pic 013

Step 3: Remove clips for plastic wire way located above turbo. Fold to windshield of truck and retain with plastic zip tie.

xd144  egr delete pic 015

Step 4: Remove upper fan shroud by prying away from radiator through slots. (Note:  The plastic can be very brittle)

xd144  egr delete pic 018

Step 5: Loosen hose clamps and remove intake tube. Then unscrew bolts and remove turbo inlet tube and PCV Valve.xd144  egr delete pic 021xd144  egr delete pic 022

Step 6: Unbolt alternator and disconnect wires.  Tilt alternator towards front of vehicle. Note: it is not necessary to loosen belt tensioner.xd144  egr delete pic 023xd144  egr delete pic 024

Step 7: Remove Turbo:

Intercooler charge pipe, Oil feed line from oil cooler to turbo (3 Bolts), VGT actuator harness plug, Up -pipe v band clamp, Turbo v-band clamp (downpipe), Turbo mounting bolts (3 Bolts)

xd144  egr delete pic 025

xd144  egr delete pic 027xd144  egr delete pic 032xd144  egr delete pic 031xd144  egr delete pic 029xd144  egr delete pic 034xd144  egr delete pic 041Step 8: Once these parts are removed the turbo will rotate toward the passenger side of the truck and out of the pedestal.

xd144  egr delete pic 042

Step 9: Remove the oil drain tube from the High Pressure Oil Pump Housing then Remove the turbo mounting pedestal (4 Bolts). *Early 03-04 (Pedestal will differ)xd144  egr delete pic 043xd144  egr delete pic 044

Step 10: Remove EGR cooler v-band clamp from up-pipe.xd144  egr delete pic 048

Step 11: Loosen the intake manifold bolts on the driver’s side. Completely remove the intake manifold bolts from the passenger side and note their location using a piece of cardboard. Remove the two bolts that go through the inner fan stator to the intake manifold (Located under the shroud).xd144  egr delete pic 050xd144  egr delete pic 052

Step 12: Remove the bolt that is used to stiffen the heater tube to the manifold (located below alternator). Bend this tab upward.xd144  egr delete pic 053

Step 13: Remove EGR cooler’s (3 mounting bolts)xd144  egr delete pic 056

Step 14: Lightly push down on the EGR cooler while pulling up on the intake manifold to disengage from the manifold.xd144  egr delete pic 058

Step 15: While holding the manifold up with a small pry bar move the cooler toward the back of the engine. Continuing to hold the manifold up, lift and remove the cooler through the front of the engine. Be sure that all gaskets and o-rings are removed with the cooler.xd144  egr delete pic 061

Step 16: Replace intake manifold bolts and torque to 120 (in-lbs.).

Step 17: Remove factory up-pipe: From underneath the passenger side of the truck remove the 2 bolts holding the up-pipe to the exhaust manifold. Once the bottom bolts have been removed, from the topside of the engine, loosen and remove bolts from factory up-pipe behind the heat shield.xd144  egr delete pic 063xd144  egr delete pic 064

Step 18: Install XDP EGR Delete Up-pipe with new gasket provided using the supplied hardware. (Gasket on top side)

Step 19: Install the 3/4” silicone hose on the ¾” 180 degree Stainless steel coolant tube provided. Loosely install hose clamps.xd144  egr delete pic 066

Step 20: Grease the EGR Cooler adapter o-ring. Place into intake manifold. Finger tighten the two longer factory cooler mounting bolts. The third smaller bolt can be discarded.xd144  egr delete pic 069

Step 21: Tighten billet adapter bolts to 120 (in-lbs.), while tightening make sure the o-ring stays in place and alignment is correct. Be sure not to over torque the bolts. Slide hose over the oil cooler nipple and tighten both hose clamps snugly.

Step 22: Remove factory EGR Valve from intake manifold and install XDP Aluminum block-off plate, use existing bolts and Torque to 120 (in-lbs.).

Step 23: Reinstall turbo, all intake and exhaust tubes including down pipe, alternator, shroud, wires etc. in reverse order from steps 3 to 17.

Step 24: Refill with new coolant, use manufacturer recommended and mix according to label.

Step 25: You are now ready to test your XDP EGR delete kit. Start engine and run till coolant circulates. Top off coolant system if needed. Make a close inspection for any coolant leaks or oil leaks.

Note: If vehicle throws a code or check engine light consider leaving factory EGR valve in place (05 models only). Alternatively, on 05-07 model years aftermarket tuning can be used to avoid any trouble codes. Contact XDP for details

 Purchase the XDP 6.0L Complete EGR Delete Kit Here!

Indiana State Fairgrounds 4-Wheel Jamboree

This past weekend a couple of guys from the XDP crew flew out to Indiana State Farigrounds for the last 4-Wheel Jamboree in the 2013 season.  Even though it rained the first day the next two days proved that this was an event to go to every year.  In the picture below you’ll see exactly how crowded it got on Saturday at only 10 am.

Indiana State Fairgrounds

The best news of the weekend was that our own Dave Radzierez won the Freestyle Championship in the XDP Diesel Powered Monster Truck for the 2013 Lucas Oil 4-Wheel Jamboree Series!  This is the first time ever a diesel powered Monster Truck has won the Freestyle Championship.  We want to give Dave a shout out for winning and special thanks to his crew that made it happen.

Monster Truck Input ShaftMonster Truck Big Air

In this image you can see Dave ripping apart his transmission to replace an input shaft as well as fixing some broken wheel bearings.  This was the first event where the landing was on asphalt instead of dirt like the past ones.  It certainly proved to be unforgiving on most of the trucks.

This was on Friday when Dave decided to go BIG even though it was down pouring during his run.  The crowd loved this jump and kept wanting more despite the fact this was the jump that caused the damage above.

We would like to give a special thanks to the 4-Wheel Jamboree crew that made this year an eventful one and one for the books.  All the manufacturers that came out to each event a special thanks goes out to you guys as well for educating our fans with the products we sell.

XDP cannot wait till next years 4-Wheel Jamboree series!  Keep an eye on for future news and information regarding dates to a town next to you!