Keystone Diesel Truck Nationals

Over the weekend XDP was back in the great state of Pennsylvania for the Keystone Diesel Nationals at Maple Grove Raceway. The weather was picture perfect with highs in the mid 80’s and not a cloud in the sky. This made for an excellent day of racing and fun for everyone. Throughout the day there were many events that the entire family could enjoy that included: Drag Racing, Monster Truck Rides, Show-n-Shine Competition and even our own XDP Diesel Monster Truck Car Crushing Main Event!

For the main event the XDP Monster Truck took to the track to show the fans what a 1200hp diesel monster truck can do! Unfortunately, after a couple of passes the rear steering cylinder broke which caused the monster truck to take an off-sided landing causing the truck to flip. After the roll, the crowd went wild when Dave emerged from the truck without a scratch, waving to the crowd.

Overall, we at XDP had a great time at the Keystone Diesel National and enjoyed talking with fans and friends alike.

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Waterfest 21!

Waterfest! Well, if only the name implied anything about this past weekend’s climate we would have all been better off. But seriously, aside from the treacherous heat wave, Waterfest 21 saw a tremendous turnout. Basically, if you’re an avid enthusiast of some good ol’ German automotive engineering than Raceway Park would have been your desert oasis. And, if you just happen to be a member of the diesel family as well you would have also felt the coolness of the many TDI’s which we found roaming around the event including the one brought by yours truly, XDP! With plenty of live DJ’s scattered throughout the venue, hundreds of slick show rides, exciting track runs and even on-site sales and installation of aftermarket parts for your own personal vehicle, the Waterfest event is one of most interactive shows around which also makes it one of the most anticipated events every year. Heck! We even came across a few non-German supercars such as a stray McLaren and even a Lamborghini for those of you who don’t mind being a little more diverse. The point: Waterfest is definitely worth experiencing if you haven’t yet!


If you missed the Waterfest event than you know what to do. Visit our website at and check out the events calendar for a complete listing of upcoming shows in your area.

2015 NADM East Coast Diesel Nationals Numidia, PA

numidia_3  This past weekend we at XDP had the opportunity to spend some time with the great folks from Catawissa PA, while attending the NADM East Coast Diesel Nationals at Numidia Dragway. The weekend started off rough with a significant amount of downpour-style rain however, early Saturday morning track officials and technicians were out in full force ensuring that the track was prepped and ready for the racing that would take place by noon. With that downpour brought some hot and humid conditions which made for a great day of racing with plenty of sun and temps into the 90’s.


The event was sure to please the crowds with the chance to see some hardcore drag racing, sled pulls, dyno runs, and tractor pulls! There was something for everyone at Numidia Dragway on July 18th 2015 for the East Coast Diesel Nationals! For all who attended, vendor row brought the opportunity to meet and talk with vendors like XDP, Industrial Injection, ARP, South Bend Cutch, Fuelab, Mahle, and Clevite just to name a few! With us again was Frank Mohr and the XDP Rat Rod along with our XDP 3rd Gen Dodge 2500 6.7L Cummins.


Again, thanks to all who attended and stopped by the XDP booth to show your support, and we look forward to seeing all of you in Mohnton, PA this-coming weekend for the Keystone Diesel Truck Nationals @ Maple Grove Raceway!


Drag Racing
1st – Cody Spenser
2nd – Jeremiah Soga

Quick Diesel (12.0 Index)
1st Susan Stump
2nd – Brantley Rige

1st – Bruce Block
2nd – Phil Pierce

Sled Pulling 2.6
1st – John Manns
2nd – Jeremy Urey
3rd – Jake Slinguff
4th – Scott Whiles
5th – Corrie Baker
6th – Mike Lepley
7th – Clint Mills
8th – Matthew Horst

Sled Pulling 2.5
1st – James Elgan
2nd – Caleb Herman
3rd – Nick Stillwagon
4th – Denny Brechbill
5th – Dale Blubolker

Turbo Mod tractor
1st – Vern Zerby
2nd – Curt Forrester
3rd – Scott Kiskadden
4th – Yankee Mellot
5th – Vern Zerby
6th – V Zerby
7th – Rick Hauck
8th – John Forrester

Mother’s Show-N-Shine
Best of Show – Doug Brarens
Best Dodge – Alan Yoder
Best Duramax – Yvohne Strube
Best Ford – Mike Seeley

28th Annual 4-Wheel Jamboree Nationals Bloomsburg, Pennsylvania


Who doesn’t love a good Jamboree!? WE SURE DO! July is always marked as an exciting and busy month for the XDP crew. In true XDP fashion, we made our presence well-known and for all to experience at the 28th Annual 4-Wheel Jamboree Nationals in Bloomsburg Pennsylvania. With us again this year was the fan-favorite Dave Radzierez piloting the XDP Diesel Powered Monster Truck, as well as the XDP Diesel Rat Rod with builder Frank Mohr! Both of which are always a sight to see! The weekend-long event gives everyone in the North-East a chance to get in on the excitement, bringing action-packed events every single day and over three-thousand custom vehicles to see.


Once again the weather was great and provided ample opportunity for everyone to make the best possible attempt at achieving 4-Wheel Jamboree greatness. With events ranging from the Mud-Bog challenge to the Miss 4-wheel Jamboree Nationals contest and everything in-between, everyone was sure to have a great time attending. The weekend was packed with energy and excitement stemming from the Mud-Bog Challenge, Mickey Thompson Tough Trucks Challenge, NMRO Championship Mud Drag Racing, Dick Cepek Show-N-Shine competition, and the General Tire Monster Truck Thunder Drags & Freestyle Competition.


If you were there, you know how much of that energy and excitement was brought on by the XDP Monster Truck on Saturday! Driver Dave Radzierez managed to run the truck so hard he broke the right-rear spindle and hub not only once, but twice in one day! It was incredibly exciting to watch and should you have been lucky enough to stop by the XDP booth after the morning race, you were able to see first-hand the carnage and full repair of the rig. Dave and his team bring only top notch efficiency to these events and will stop at nothing to ensure another crowd-pleasing run. Dave is truly versed in proper showmanship when it comes to pleasing the crowd and will stop at nothing to get everyone on their feet!

Thanks to all who attended and stopped by the XDP booth, and we look forward to seeing you all again next year for another Jambo!

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NHRDA Midwest Truckin Nationals


One of the multiple events XDP attended this weekend was the NHRDA Midwest Truckin Nationals. The event was held at the Gateway Motorsports Park in Madison IL, right across the river from St. Louis, MO. Weather conditions were perfect for racing with a high of 80 and partly cloudy skies. This was a local event for Anthony Reams and the XDP drag truck, Anthony lives about an hour west of the track.

The day started off with high hopes, but those were quickly dashed when the race truck was pulled off the trailer and Anthony noticed coolant leaking in between the head and the block, an indication of a bad head gasket. Anthony did what he could to make the truck race ready by re-torquing the head and hoping the gasket would hold. The truck was able to qualify by taking a green light and then going back to the pits to wait for the actual racing to happen. Anthony was able to make one pass with the truck which he won, running 10.24, but unfortunately the motor gave out at the end of the track. Anthony will take the truck home and rebuild the motor to be stronger and more powerful than it was before and the XDP race truck will be back soon, and even faster.

The next NHRDA event will be the Pacific Coast Diesel Nationals taking place July 11th at the Woodburn Dragstrip in Woodburn, OR.

28 June 2015 St Louis, MO – Event Recap for Drag Racing, Sled Pull and Show Events for the 2015 NHRDA Midwest Truckin Nationals at Gateway Motorsports Park in Madison, Illinois:

Event Name Mid West Truckin Nationals Date 06/28/15
Track Name Gateway Motorsports Park Location Madison, IL
MBRP Performance Exhaust – Diesel Drag Racing Results
Class Vehicle Name City State ET MPH RT
Top Diesel Winner Dragster Marty Thacker Robinson IL 7.01 199.11
Top Diesel #1 Qual Dragster Marty Thacker Robinson IL 7.08 199.35
Top Diesel Low ET Dragster Marty Thacker Robinson IL 7.01
Top Diesel Top Speed Dragster Marty Thacker Robinson IL 199.43
Super Street Winner 2006 Chevy Wade Minter Maypearl TX 9.93 139.62 0.441
Super Street R/U 1995 Dodge Anthony Reams Leslie MO broke
Super Street #1 Qualify 2006 Chevy Wade Minter Maypearl TX 9.51 146.04
Super Street Low ET 2006 Chevy Wade Minter Maypearl TX 9.51
Super Street Top Speed 2006 Chevy Wade Minter Maypearl TX 146.04
Super Diesel Winner 2007 GMC Dan Zelten Eagle River WI 11.90 12.16 0.208 110.34
Super Diesel R/U 2006 Dodge Edward Godat Yellville AR 11.90 11.93 0.456 111.96
Super Diesel #1 Qualifier 2006 Dodge Edward Godat Yellville AR 11.90 12.00
Sportsman Winner 1997 Dodge James Calhoun Kent WA 13.45 13.74 0.075 83.70
Sportsman R/U 1997 Ford Nathan Terrel N. Manchester IN 15.00 15.21 0.312 88.37
#1 Qualifier 2008 Chevy Scott McKinstry Keller TX 0.008
NHRDA Sled Pulling Series Results
Class Vehicle Name City State Distance
3.0 Class Winner 1994 Dodge Jim Greenway Nixa MO 339.02
3.0 Class 2nd Place 1998 Dodge Kevin Cole Pacific MO 270.10
2.6 Class Winner 2007 Dodge Jim Greenway Nixa MO 332.07
2.6 Class 2nd Place 2001 Dodge Dustin Smith De Soto MO 329.07
2.6 Class 3rd Place 2001 Dodge Aaron Powell West Plains MO 327.07
Work Stock Class Winner 2006 Dodge Kyle Dowson Auburn IL 318.03
Work Stock 2nd Place 1997 Dodge Drew Declerck Moro IL 313.03
Work Stock 3rd Place 2005 Dodge Eric Loy Brighton IL 308.09
Burnout Contests and Show n Shine Winners
Vehicle Name City State
Burnout Contest 1986 Chevy Brandon Hooper Warrenton MO
Show n Shine Pick Up 2013 Dodge Travis Lane Clever MO

Fleece Performance Diesel Showdown 2015

Fleece Performance, home of the famous Cheetah turbo and record breaking trucks held an event over the weekend. The Fleece Performance Diesel Showdown was Fleece’s first event and was a killer event. We at XDP had a chance to take a trip out to Indy at the Lucas Oil Raceway to support Fleece Performance, see old friends, meet new ones and check out the races! The show was also a stop for the Outlaw Diesel Super Series (ODSS) and part of the Pro Pulling League (PPL) as well.

This one day event was jam packed with a host of events such as: Drag racing, Sled Pulling, Show-n-Shine and a Dyno Competition. Furthermore, many venders were present to show their support, chat with customers and see the races.

Saturday began with cooler temperatures, some cloud coverage but thankfully no rain. Drag racing began around 10:00 AM included all classes from ET Bracket to Pro Dragster. As the drag racing was finishing up the sled pulling track was being prepped and ready to be torn up! At 6:00 PM the pullers hit the track and gave it their all.

Overall, we at XDP had a great time at the event and cannot wait to come back to the great state of Indiana to show our support again. We would like to thank Fleece Performance for putting on such a great event, we had a blast!

Drag Racing Results:!results/c7lc

Sled Pulling Results:


2015 TS Performance Outlaw Diesel Drag Race and Sled Pull

TS2015! A show that everyone looks forward to each year. Many travel hundreds of miles to attend, watch the races and have a good time.

The event began on Thursday with drag racing where many high horsepower trucks battled it out for the win. The XDP race truck (driven by Anthony Reams) was out as well with a completely new setup including an all-new 75/75/91 triple turbo setup and a fully custom air to water intercooler.  The truck was finished with little time to spare and without any testing/tuning the truck sent right to the strip to see what the new setup could do. Devoid of any test passes, Anthony was able to progress to the semi-finals where the competitor won out by .029 seconds! A close race for sure.

Friday and Saturday were the big days for sled pulling, the pulls stared later in the day and went long into the night where trucks gave it all they had to push for the win. The classes included: Super Modified Tractors, Pro Stock Tractors, Super Modified 2WD Trucks, Super Farm Tractors, Light Weight Super Stock, Super Stock Diesel Trucks, 3.0 Diesel Trucks and 2.6 Diesel Trucks. Check out the results for all classes here.

Overall, we at XDP had an excellent time hanging out with customers, fans and everyone who supported us. We would like to thank TS for putting on another great show and look forward to TS2016!

Keep an eye out for us at a few different events on June 27th including: 2015 NHRDA Midwest Truckin’ Nationals (Madison, IL), Outlaw Diesel Super Series – Fleece Performance Diesel Showdown (Indianapolis, IN) and 2015 XDP Jersey Devil Diesel Nationals (Atco, NJ).